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Coronzon (コロンゾン Koronzon?) is a demon who appeared to Aleister Crowley during one of his experiments in the Egyptian desert and broke through his attempts at binding.[1]

As well as being as nearly an important figure in Aleister's life as Aiwass, Coronzon is also a very important yet hidden figure in the events of Toaru Majutsu no Index and is only revealed in the climax of Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 18.


Coronzon is a demon originating in writing by the 16th-century occultists Edward Kelley and John Dee, featured within the latter's system of Enochian magic.

It came to be an important element within Aleister Crowley's system of Thelema in the 20th century, as the "dweller in the abyss", one of the final obstacles on an adept's journey who acts to destroy the ego. In Thelemic works, its name is spelt Choronzon. In The Vision and the Voice, which explores the thirty Aethyrs (planes of existence in Enochian traditions), Choronzon is the entity associated with the tenth Aethyr, Zax (ザクス Zakusu?).

With Coronzon's assumed name, Lola is the first name of Coronzon's host, Lola Zaza Crowley, Aleister's second daughter. Stuart comes from the House of Stuart, a dynasty which Mathers wished to restore.


Coronzon's full, true appearance, if it has one, isn't known, though it is capable of manifesting a giant, sinister demonic face from the hair of its hosts.[2]

Its current host body, that of Lola Zaza Crowley, is a girl whose appearance is that of an eighteen year old (though she is actually much older),[2][3][4] with blue eyes and incredibly long blonde hair. Her hair is about 2.5 times her height,[3][5] usually folded over and bound behind her head with a gold clasp, but still reaching her hips.[2] She usually wears beige vestments.[3][2]


Though Lola Stuart is known as someone who kept her good and bad deeds balanced as if to keep the scales level, Coronzon only restricts herself in that manner to provide an explanation and calm the waves when she takes actions which seemed out of character, until she fulfills the contract with Mathers.[2]

Beneath the façade it presents to the world, Coronzon is a cruel and manipulative entity who guided events across a century in order to complete its contract, free itself from its bounds, and seize everything it wants for itself.[2]

As well as acting to fulfill its objective, Coronzon also acts to amuse itself, granting others' wishes for fun in the past while working to carry out it's contract. On apparently seizing control of Academy City, Coronzon saw it as an interesting toy which was worth waiting for.[2]

While seeking to bring Aleister to ruin as per its contract, Coronzon also took sadistic pleasure in doing so,[2] mocking him from afar when his plans were disrupted by the appearance of the World Rejecter,[6] and on revealing the truth, feeling joy in trampling over the father's dignity with his own daughter's body and taunting him with the last cry for help from his daughter gave as her body was taken.[2] After revealing this and then apparently finishing Aleister off, Coronzon laughed and savored the delight of the deed enough to forget it's objective for a while.[2]

The demon sees itself as far above humans, seeing itself as a superior, intelligent life form and humans as common hip-thrusting animals.[7][8][9]

Coronzon uses different speech patterns while acting as Lola Stuart and its true self.[2]


Around the time of the downfall of the Golden Dawn, the demon Coronzon was summoned by Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers and given one command; to pretend to have been summoned by Aleister Crowley and then guide him to ruin.[1][2]

In 1909, Coronzon appeared during Aleister's attempt to become one with the abyss in order to cross between sephira in the African desert, using a magic circle made from the blood of three doves. The demon broke through Aleister's attempts to bind it and temporarily hijacked his body as an avatar, but his apprentice Victor Neuburg fulfilled his function as a breaker in the ritual and the demon was driven away.[1][2][10]

After failing to hijack Aleister's body, Coronzon subsequently hid within a mountain of papyrus and travelled from northern Africa to England. Bound to follow the contract even after Mathers was killed, Coronzon plotted Aleister's ruin and manipulated events while secretly possessing the body of Aleister's second daughter Lola and acting as the Archbishop of Necessarius.[1][2]

At some point, Coronzon made Karasuma Fran into a secondary avatar.[11]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

St. Germain ArcEdit

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Following the events instigated by St. Germain, she appears for the first time since the end of the War, apparently knowing of the movements of the true Gremlin. She is in St. George's Cathedral, noticing the confrontation of the Magic Gods against Aleister Crowley, and notes that now Aleister is not even attempting to hide who he is. She then begins the next step of her plan against Aleister and the Magic Gods as she wants to fully control both sides' actions, while also thinking about how a certain other piece on the board might do next would affect the outcome.[12]

Magic God Invasion ArcEdit

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After Kamisato Kakeru 'exiles' the remaining Magic Gods with World Rejecter, Coronzon, who knew of World Rejecter's arrival when even Aleister was unaware, mockingly laughs at how the rails formed by his plans and preparations have been bent by the single outside element. As she then asks what he'll do now, she claims the peak of darkness doesn't suit him and that the title of 'cannibal' or 'greatest eccentric of the 20th century' fits much better.[13]

Salome ArcEdit

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Following Kihara Yuiitsu's theft of the World Rejecter and Aleister appearing outside the Windowless Building to confront her, Coronzon was noticed spying on him from afar and after being threatened with being cursed to death then and there, confirmed something.[14]

Aleister Crowley ArcEdit

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Following his defeat against Kamijou Touma, having snuck into the city disguised as part of the recovery team sent to extract the Tsuchimikados and Fran, Coronzon revealed itself to Aleister and attacked him to fulfill it's contract with Mathers. After seemingly finishing him off and taking his body as a new vessel, Coronzon believed itself to have cut its ties to Mathers and was free to act as it wished, but soon learned that Aleister had diffused into over a billion of his potential selves which he had previously gathered within his body.[2]

Processor Suit ArcEdit

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Immediately afterwards, Aleister launched the Windowless Building into space in order to delay Coronzon and buy some time. Coronzon attempted to escape before the spacecraft left the atmosphere but was prevented from doing so by Mina Mathers and then Aiwass.[7] As the Windowless Building reached space, Aiwass faced Coronzon in battle, despite being hampered by the lack of an avatar through which to wield its full power.[7] While Coronzon was fighting Aiwass with her primary avatar, it used it's secondary avatar back on Earth, A. O. Francisca (Karasuma Fran), in an attempt to seize control of Academy City's Bank in the form of the Processor Suit.[15][16][9][11] During the course of these events, it learned how Aiwass had actually saved Aleister's daughter Lilith.[17]

Early on December 12th, Aleister excised Coronzon from Fran using a Spiritual Tripping gamma knife.[18] At the same time, having defeated Aiwass, she turned the Windowless Building around and crashed it onto Academy City. However it found that Aiwass had intentionally lost and made it so that Coronzon would be shifted to the 'new world', finding itself a toy to the exiled Magic Gods.[8] Coronzon eventually managed to return to the regular world, bringing back Nephthys and Niang-Niang with it, only to find that Aleister had infected Academy City's systems with a virus and initiated an evacuation of its residents, making the city useless to Coronzon.[9] Aleister then declared war against the demon, declaring that he would take his daughter back.[9]


As a demon, Coronzon is capable of being summoned through magic and will remain in the world until exorcised. It is bound to follow the commands of those who have formed a contract with it, even when the contractor has died.[2] It was apparently capable of breaking Aleister Crowley's attempts to bind it, though it isn't certain whether it was due to its own abilities or the fact it was already bound to a contract with Mathers.[1][2] Coronzon is also described as not being contained within the existing Qliphoth.[1] Being an energy form, Coronzon requires an avatar (霊媒 (アバター) Reibai (Abatā)?) in order to fully utilize its power in the regular world.[7]

Coronzon is capable of possessing both objects, having hid in a mountain of papyrus to travel between Africa and England, and people, such as its current host, Lola Zaza Crowley. It is also capable of possessing multiple vessels at once, as shown when Coronzon took one of Aleister's fallen bodies as an additional avatar as well as with A. O. Francisca (Karasuma Fran).[2] In the case of Karasuma Fran, the demon's control was rooted in three pigeon blood (ピジョン・ブラッド Pijon Buraddo?) rubies implanted into Fran's head, forming a 'face' and symbolizing the magic circle made through the blood of three pigeons/doves used to summon Coronzon.[11] Different avatars have different roles and levels of authority and precedence, with Coronzon's familiarity and control over its primary avatar being greater than its secondary avatars.[11] Its control over Fran was weaker than for Lola, enough for Fran to subconsciously leave a hint through the use of the name A. O. Francisca.[11]

Given the youthful appearance of Coronzon's primary avatar despite her age,[3][4][2] it can be assumed that the demon is either capable of halting its host's aging or altering their appearance. It is also capable of enhancing an avatar's strength by pouring a power similar-but-distinct-to Telesma into the pathways for her life force. Described as like an instant version of a Shakti master, it is an easy way to draw out power but is still no more than a forced emulation. The method is not suited for long-term use and risks burning out the life force pathways, potentially killing the avatar.[19] It also capable of a bestial roar that can shake the body of a normal person and snuff out the life force circulating within it like a candle's flame.[7]

Coronzon is capable of manipulating the hair of its hosts and manifest a giant, sinister demonic face from it. This ability appears to follow an old witch tradition concerning the devil residing in women's hair. Coronzon has been shown using hair to fatally crush part of one's body, to burrow inside a target body and take control of it,[2] and using it as a medium to set off explosions which cause damage to selected targets.[20] The hair has a curse line built through it.[7]

Among the spiritual items she can use is the Sword of Damocles (ダモクレスの剣 Damokuresu no Ken?). Based on the sword which was hung over Damocles as he was allowed to sit on the throne by his king to illustrate the perils that came with kingship, the legend was apparently recreated as a test of courage for royalty and nobility to prove their worth. When used to impale Aleister's heart after he was knocked out by Kamijou Touma, light exploded from the wound and blew Touma's group nearby out of the hole in the Windowless Building.[2]

Comments from the Knight Leader during the Battle of Folkestone, suggest that in terms of openly displayed capabilities, she is probably stronger than Kanzaki Kaori.[21]


Aleister CrowleyEdit

Coronzon doesn't have a particularly high view of Aleister, looking down on him and mocking him for his failures.[13][2][15][8][9] After ambushing Aleister, the demon took great pleasure in using his daughter's body to trample on the father's dignity and taunting him with her last words.[2]

Aleister had displayed hostility towards Lola Stuart before she revealed herself as Coronzon,[14] but after learning what the demon had done to his daughter, Aleister immediately focused his efforts towards its complete eradication.[2][9]


Aiwass has displayed a strong contempt for Coronzon, referring to the demon by various derogatory terms during their battle. Coronzon has similar feelings towards Aiwass.[7][15][16][17][8][9]

Samuel Liddell MacGregor MathersEdit

Coronzon has considerable disdain for its summoner, Mathers, though it acknowledges his skill and took on its assumed surname as a special service to him.[2]

Character Art DesignEdit



  • "And just as I hoped, Aleister raised an interesting toy. It was worth waiting this long." (アレイスターも狙い通りに面白いオモチャを育ててくれた。ここまで待った甲斐があったってものだ Areisutā mo nerai-dōri ni omoshiroi omocha o sodatete kureta. Koko made matta kai ga attatte monoda.?)[2]
  • "My toys belong to me, so I choose where to light the fuse and let them burn.”[15]
  • "My numerical value is 333 and my nature is dispersion. I prevent the true bonding of all the world’s laws and I bring endless chaos and destruction. My name is Coronzon. Now learn firsthand just what that name means!!"[8]

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