NT18 LQ Cover

In May, with the release of Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 18, the long-awaited confrontation with Aleister Crowley will begin.

Throughout the series, we have had various glimpses of Aleister Crowley, the Silver Star, Greatest Magician in History and Greatest Eccentric of the 20th Century, creator of Thelema and the General Superintendent of Academy City. We've seen certain aspects of his character, personality and history. We've seen his influence on this world of magic and science, and obtained information on his plan which has greatly influenced the events of the series. We've learned of Aleister's creations, such as The Book of the Law recording the secrets he learned from Aiwass, the Blasting Rod, the Archetype Controller and the Anti-Art Attachment, and learned of some of the powers he possesses, from a method of directing curses onto people without having to refine magic power and spiritually knocking people to the ground through Imitative Magic without preparation, to entering hidden phases of the world, existing in multiple places simultaneously and channeling willpower in a strange form capable of killing Magic Gods.

We have seen some of what this "human" is and what he is capable of, but there are still many things that are currently unknown. Now, more of what we have glimpsed will likely be brought out into the open.

These are my questions:

What hopes and expectations do you have for the upcoming arc and the confrontation with Aleister Crowley? What are you interested in seeing or learning in the events to come?

Edit (09/04/2017): With the release of the summary, we know a little more about what we will be getting, with Aleister's tale and the Golden Miracle he experienced to be told by Mina Mathers (another figure from the Golden Dawn).

Edit (06/06/2017): We've now had time to absorb the events which have taken place. What did you think?