The Urban Processor is a tablet computer designed to act as a backup of Academy City.[1]


The Urban Processor is a notebook-sized tablet with a transparent body, with various circuit boards and electronics visible. When flipped over, there are many small glass tubes visible through the casing, several millimeters long and packed in tight.[1]


The tablet's CPU is meant to virtually reproduce Academy City's infrastructure, like an aerial photograph stored on microfilm, and reproduce the currents flowing the city with electrical signals running through its semiconductors, perfecting modeling the city's "pulse" inside the computer.[1] The 512 small vacuum tubes in the tablet are meant to enable free random access between Data A and B with no distinction between cause and effect, allowing a reproduction of how humans come up with and associate ideas in a way impossible for previous computers operating using ones and zeroes.[1]

This combination allows the Urban Processor to recreate the 'movements' created by Academy City, enabling it to indefinitely produce the exact same data, in a way becoming a second Academy City. Furthermore, the speed of signals running through the circuits can be changed and the speed of the city increased tenfold or more, similar to running a video tape on fast-forward, making it no longer the same as Academy City but what it would be decades or centuries in the future.[1]


The Urban Processor was the final project devised by a professor who worked on the Anatomy Mechatronics project, who foresaw the city's destruction and wished to create a backup of the city to bring to the outside world, so it wouldn't be lost and could be recreated. As she was considered far too dangerous but too talented to be killed, she was imprisoned within a doll museum used as a secret prison.[1][2]


Toaru Majutsu no Index: Shokuhou Misaki Figure ArcEdit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index: Shokuhou Misaki Figure Arc

After being freed from the doll museum by her subordinate and the actions of Shokuhou Misaki, who'd been led to her by the Misaki created from Anatomy Mechatronics, the professor intended to take the Urban Processor with her out of the city.[1] Catching up with the old woman and trapping her in an illusion with Mental Out, Misaki had the professor explain the purpose of the Urban Processor to her. Rejecting the professor's reasoning and knowing the dangers the Urban Processor could bring, Misaki chose to destroy it.[1] Its remains, damaged beyond recognition, were apparently later found next to its creator on a park bench late at night.[3]


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