Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Volume 07 is the seventh volume released for the Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga.

The tankobon details the first part of the Kazakiri Hyouka Arc. Summer break is over, and a tired Touma returns to Academy City after a brief sojourn from the outside. Touma must confront his anxiety in dealing the new day due to his memory loss, all the while Index gets into trouble after she follows him to school, where she meets a bespectacled girl calling herself as Kazakiri Hyouka, who claims to be a transfer student. Meanwhile, a magician from the Church of England, known as Sherry Cromwell, breaks into Academy City, allowing the mysterious Chairman of the City an opportunity to play his hand on controlling the singularly esoteric Imaginary Number District through her by using the boy with the Imagine Breaker.



Localized ReleasesEdit


A Certain Magical Index Volume 7
A Certain Magical Index Manga v07 cover

Date of Release October 25, 2016[2]
ISBN ISBN 978-0-316-34601-6


魔法禁書目錄 集數 7
A Certain Magical Index Manga v07 Chinese cover

Date of Release September 23, 2012[3]
ISBN ISBN 978-986-287-365-6

那是上条當麻的學校出現「神秘轉學生」的日子, 是茵蒂克絲頭一次交到「朋友」的日子, 是御坂美琴與茵蒂克絲首度面對面的日子, 是夾在她們之間的上条當麻依舊不幸的日子, 是旁觀事情發展的白井黑子嫉妒上条的日子‥‥‥ 然後,也是某個魔法師向學園都市襲擊的日子! 在特別警戒宣言下的學園都市, 當科學與魔法交會之際,上条當麻的故事就此展開──!


A Certain Magical Index Manga Tomes 07
A Certain Magical Index Manga v07 French cover

Date of Release May 23, 2013[4]
ISBN ISBN 978-2-35592-531-3
Number of Pages 178 pages


A Certain Magical Index Manga Volumi 07
A Certain Magical Index Manga v07 Italian cover

Date of Release February 21, 2013[5]
Number of Pages 197 pages
Toma Kamijo, nella città-studio è un liceale come tanti, e con la sua mano destra è in grado di annullare qualunque potere paranormale. Una mattina il ragazzo trova stesa sul suo balcone Index, una suora bambina che custodisce nella memoria ben 103.000 grimori e che è in fuga da oscuri nemici! In questo numero, Toma torna finalmente a scuola all’inizio del nuovo trimestre e raccomanda alla giovane Index di non cacciarsi nei guai mentre lui è a lezione. Ma appena entrato in classe, la professoressa Komoe presenta a tutti una nuova studentessa...


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