Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 03 is the third volume released for the Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga.

The volume is adapted from the third Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel, completely skipping the second volume. This would be the first time the manga would skip an entire novel, a move which would make it infamous.

The tankobon details the first half of the Sisters Arc, where Touma tries to return to his daily life in Academy City after his memory destruction and later meets Misaka Mikoto again, and shortly after, her Sisters. The volume ends just after Touma goes to confront Misaka Mikoto herself for answers.



Localized ReleasesEdit


A Certain Magical Index Volume 3
A Certain Magical Index Manga v03 cover

Date of Release October 27, 2015[2]
ISBN ISBN 978-0-316-34592-7
Mikoto Misaka is a level-five esper--one of the most powerful in Academy City. She's so powerful, in fact, that her DNA has been harvested to create a series of clones--the "Sisters." But who is behind these clones, and why would they go to such lengths? The sinister truth is nothing she or Touma could have imagined, and it involves the terrifying Accelerator, the most powerful esper of all time!


魔法禁書目錄 集數 3
A Certain Magical Index Manga v03 Chinese cover

Date of Release April 15, 2011[3]
ISBN ISBN 978-986-287-093-8

投銅板買果汁卻被自動販賣機吃錢的上条當麻又開始感慨自己的不幸, 但這時他卻被「放電國中妹」御坂美琴給叫住。 然而更讓上条驚訝的是,美琴居然還有一個長相一模一樣的妹妹! 這三個人的相遇,卻也揭開了一件由超能力者所引發的殺戮慘劇事件序幕……


A Certain Magical Index Manga Tomes 03
A Certain Magical Index Manga v03 French cover

Date of Release September 13, 2012[4]
ISBN ISBN 978-2-35592-434-7
Number of Pages 178 pages


A Certain Magical Index Manga Volumi 03
A Certain Magical Index Manga v03 Italian cover

Date of Release June 21, 2012[5]
ISBN ISBN 977-11-2998-500-4
Number of Pages 176
Toma Kamijo è un liceale come tanti... Anzi, a dire il vero no, perché nella città-studio in cui vive “normalità” significa avere poteri extrasensoriali potenziati dalla scienza e dalla tecnologia, e Toma non ne possiede! L’unica capacità speciale di cui è dotato risiede nel suo braccio destro, in grado di annullare qualunque potere ESP. La situazione si complica quando il nostro protagonista si trova a prendersi cura di Index, custode di importanti segreti costretta a fuggire da nemici intenzionati a carpirle preziose informazioni. In questo numero il ragazzo farà uno strano incontro con due misteriose sorelle che sembrano essersi cacciate in guai seri e che, per qualche motivo, sono venute a cercare il suo aiuto. Che c’entri qualcosa il suo legame con Index...?


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