一つの意志と小さな鍵 The_Present_Target.
A Single Will and a Small Key — The_Present_Target.
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Index SSv01 236-237

GROUP disappears back into the darkness.

GROUP finally meets for the first time: Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Unabara Mitsuki and Musujime Awaki join Accelerator as he completes yet another job. It turns out that the hit on Misaka Misuzu has been called off after changing her decision to take away her daugher, and Unabara makes sure that it stays that way. After a tense night, Accelerator heads back home with GROUP, with plans to loosen GROUP's grip over his life.

Meanwhile, the Frog-Faced Doctor has finally finished treating the virus in Last Order's brain. As he advises Last Order to rest for the night, he assures the her that Accelerator will be back.



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