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Chapter 3
イギリス清教の女子寮 Russian_Roulette.
Women’s Dorm of the Anglican Church — Russian_Roulette.
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Several days have passed since the Anglican Church's Girls' Dormitory adds more members to its family: Sisters Agnese Sanctis, Lucia and Angelene. As the everyday routine of the boarders begin, they receive an unexpected guest by the name of Sasha Kreutzev. Her real agenda: to determine which side the Anglican Church belongs to in the upcoming war.

As Kanzaki Kaori is faced with a tough question, Orsola Aquinas decides that they shall form a third side, where they will help anyone belong to either side, a type of mentality inspired from a certain teenager. Sasha leaves after receiving a confusing response from Orsola, and after Kaori's mind is cleared, the Pontiff of the Amakusa Christians rushed to the aid of Agnese, who finds herself stuck with a piece of technology he has no idea how to use.



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