Chapter 2
灰色の無味乾燥な路地 Skill_Out.
A Dull Gray Alley — Skill_Out.
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The hulking figure of the man who runs one of the largest factions of Skill-Out confronts Awaki.

After a shooting practice session to check which firearm would suit him, Accelerator is accompanied by Unabara Mitsuki to their first ever mission as member of GROUP. Tension builds up between the two, but Unabara manages to avert any unnecessary fights. Unabara then tells him that their target is Skill-Out, a group of Level 0s which could exploit the decrease in security after the events in September 30. More specifically, their target is the Skill-Out leader Komaba Ritoku, whose headquarters is in District 10.

Their mission starts almost immediately, with Accelerator dropped by to do his job within 20 minutes. As he enters the lair of the Skill-Out, he receives a warning call from fellow GROUP member Tsuchimikado Motoharu. A warning not to trust anyone related to GROUP, along with the request to come back safely.

Soon, another member of GROUP, none other than Musujime Awaki, starts doing her job, disabling attacking Skill-Out by using her Move Point ability. Her job seems easy and boring at first, until she confronts the leader himself: Komaba Ritoku. For the first time, Awaki experiences having her ability miss completely and she finds herself outmatched by a powerless Level 0. She is forced to teleport away.

Meanwhile, Accelerator has finished his part of the job, taking out the attackers within 10 minutes. But now, he has to face Komaba. The Skill-Out leader manages to disrupt the electric signals on his choker using Chaff Seeds, rendering Accelerator powerless, and the Rank 1 Level 5 has to deal with Komaba with strategy. Although it took him some time of preparations, Accelerator manages to regain his control over the choker and he quickly turns the tides to his favor.

With Komaba now at the mercy of Accelerator, the Skill-Out leader decides to implant a certain message through his death and the picture of a young girl with him on a cell phone.

Although the mission was a success, Accelerator does not feel like celebrating, even with someone like Awaki helping him kill off Komaba. As he walks off, he holds on to the phone Komaba left behind and finds himself doing someone a favor.



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