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Chapter 1
鍋と肉と食欲の大戦術 A_Required_Thing.
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Kamijou Touma, void of any breakfast after having it eaten by Index in the morning, has luckily managed to pack a box full of leftovers. He manages to get through class, and shares lunch with Hinegami- who begins to choke. After patting her back like he was told to, he accidentially unhooks her bra.

One super-punch later, he's left alone, and Fukiyose joins him. They begin talking about war, when the conversation abruptly changes and shifts into 'What should we eat at tonight?'

By the end, a passingby Komoe and Yomikawa are nearly bowled over by the overpowering shout to eat Sukiyaki.

Dinner consists of the class, Komoe, Index and Sphynx, as they head to a run down shop that serves over 30 different kinds of alcohol, all top notch. Slowly, once again conversation turns to war.

Touma eventually goes outside, and Tsuchimikado follows, to tell him that he's done a good job for an amature. Touma replies with that he's going to learn English in order to convert the world.

After a reflexive punch from Tsuchimikado, Touma doesn't get any of the Sukiyaki.



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  • It seems that somehow Kamijou is hell-bent on beating words into two billion opponents.

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