Volume 18 Chapter 7
王女と女王の素敵な悪党 Curtana_Original.
A Wonderful Enemy Who is Both a Princess and a Queen: Curtana_Original.
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Half an hour after the camp dinner, the entire force consisting of Anglican Church nuns, the Agnese Forces, the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church, Touma, Index and others, split into twenty trucks which head to the center of London. The lack of authorities and the absence of knight checkpoints baffle the Amakusa, but it allows the group to travel to Buckingham Palace faster. Still, even with the plan as simple as destroying Curtana Original in front of the entire enemy force, Touma feels daunted by the objective. Kanzaki Kaori gives out her support for Touma and ensures that everyone will help in giving him the opening needed to destroy Curtana Original.

For now, they need the second bombardment of the palace using the Coven Compass, which began without issue due to the floating monolith positioned just outside of Britain's national boundaries, and the Selkie Aquariums situated near Dover Strait. Using the chaos produced by the two-way bombardment, the trucks carrying Touma and his allies plan to sneak closer. However, as Carissa begins her counterattack, hurling fan-shaped debris onto the cityscape. With the attacks intensifying, the plan begins prematurely, with Touma trying to catch up to Villian, who is armed with a specially made bowgun and is currently making her way to Buckingham Palace.

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Carissa and the Griffin Skies.

Touma eventually catches up to Villian, who is arguing with Carissa about something. Then, Carissa's focus shifts not only to Touma, but her own mobile fortresses called Griffin Sky, which covered much of the offensive after she decided to dispose of her knights. Then, Carissa begins attacking Touma using a combination of Curtana Original's attacks and the bombardment of her unmanned Griffin Skies. Touma is unable to defend himself well amidst the combined might of the Curtana Original's strength and its blessing to Carissa, and he had to rely on Kanzaki Kaori and, later on, the combined forces of the Amakusa, the Anglican Church and the Agnese Forces to deal with Carissa and the Griffin Skies.

Eventually, as the combined forces struggle to pin Carissa down, Villian eventually joins the battle, using the bowgun in her hands to fire bolts that change the artillery beams from the Coven Compass into torrents of water and spheres that boosts her allies' speed, with Index using her Spell Intercept to divert one of the artillery shots into Carissa's position. To the shock of everyone, Carissa survives the direct attack and prepares to retaliate using the destroyer Wimbledon to rain down a bunker cluster. With Kaori's attempt to block the attack using three-dimensional magic foiled by Carissa herself, Touma is unable to react to the explosion and the damage it caused to his allies.

Nearby, Riméa is watching the battle unfold from a building within London and is locating a "grave" located near the battlefield. Afterwards, she contacts the remnants of the Knights of England, who were punished by Carissa earlier, and reveals the details concerning Carissa's true plans, involving being a tyrant to England, destroying France and the Roman Catholic Church, killing the entire Royal Family and making sure that a Curtana would cease to exist... which can be stopped when the Queen and the three princesses join forces. Knight Leader is able to listen to Riméa's statement and leaves behind the first princess to act in accordance to what they think is right, as do the rest of the other knights under his command.

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Acqua of the Back arrives at Buckingham Palace.

Villian regains consciousness and was also able to listen to Riméa's speech earlier. However, she wonders about Touma, who remains enraged by Carissa's actions. Soon, the second bunker cluster appears in the air, but it was "set to zero" by Knight Leader who is accompanied by his knights, all determined to show their sympathy and their wish for the Royal Family to fight as one force. As the knights move to rescue Touma's allies, Knight Leader asks for his help in combating Carissa's Curtana Original. Although both Touma and Knight Leader are able to match Carissa in combat, she quickly exerts more pressure to her opponents by bringing all of England's five destroyers to fire their bunker clusters at the same time.

Then, the very antenna tower used to connect Carissa with the military crashes over her, followed by Acqua of the Back wielding Ascalon.

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Looking back, England has been on a road to collapse among the members of the European Union. Its known military weapons under development are banned in treaties, and France has acquired most of the country's nuclear weapons. Seeing the incompetence of the country's leader Elizard amid England's disapproval amongst the countries in Europe, Carissa has prepared—and can only prepare—drastic measures to deal with England's reputation. Eventually, the Eurotunnel bombing and the Sky Bus 365 hijacking was the sign for Carissa to take action, sacrificing herself in order to bring the country from its dismal situation.


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  • Kaori:Please just survive to the end. This is the greatest role you have ever been given.
  • Coven Compass operator:…Commencing fire. We will destroy Buckingham Palace!!
  • Villian:With all the people around the country sharing the pain, we of the royal family cannot be so selfish as to hope to make it out unscathed. …If it will end the disturbance that has overcome this country, I say we blow that palace to smithereens.
  • Riméa:But if any of you pity my sister Carissa, if any of you knights wish to save her not as the second princess but as a mere woman, then will you take up your swords now? She is most likely a woman who can be saved by just that. This is not about the amount of power you can wield. She will be saved just by knowing that there are people truly willing to fight for her.
  • Knight Leader:…We will win. We cannot allow Lady Carissa to remain alone any longer.”