Volume 17 Epilogue
それぞれの思惑と胸の内 War_in_Britain.
Everyone's Expectations and In Their Hearts: War_in_Britain.
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Amidst the coup d'état in Britain, Elizard and Laura Stuart are restrained and taken to parts unknown. The two leaders take jabs at each other's misfortune, but Laura starts bragging about knowing how to remove the fifty restraints used on her body at the moment, even with Elizard stopping her from trying. With a blinding light and an explosion, Laura manages to set herself free, with the explosion barely destroying Elizard's restraints as well. As the two attempt to hitch-hike their way back to London, they overhear a conversation about Acqua of the Back through a felled knight's communication device. Elizard then uses a horse set free by the blast and leaves behind Laura Stuart as she returns to the capital.

Touma arrives at the Necessarius' dormitory, where he sees Orsola Aquinas still inside. Orsola quickly brings Lessar to her care while Touma promises to act as the rear guard in return. Here, he receives intel about the current situation, and he finds out that there are still ways to get to Folkestone without any electric-powered trains available. Accepting the plans, Touma teams up with the nuns of the Anglican Church.

Meanwhile, with Acqua of the Back's "return", Carissa wonders about his decision to use a weapon such as the Ascalon. She assumes that he had to rely on a powerful weapon to compensate for being weaker than before, and she confidently states that her forces are enough to defeat the mercenary.


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  • Laura:Tah dah!! It’s the hitchhiking plan!! Hey, you. The guy driving that filthy truck! Would you be interested in going for a drive with a beautiful girl!?