Chapter 4
誰が誰を守り守られるか Leader_is_All_Members.
Everyone is Entitled to Protect One Another: Leader_is_All_Members.
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The commotion outside about a lack of air in District 22 caused many of the people to evacuate the nearby buildings. Although the alert has been lifted, many people, including Misaka Mikoto, ended up disgruntled by the sudden emergency. On her way to a hotel in the seventh level of the district, she sees a spiky-haired boy wearing a patient's hospital gown and finds out that it's Kamijou Touma, who seems to have escaped from some hospital after receiving grave injuries. After supporting his limp body, Mikoto reveals that she knows about his memory loss and that she wanted to help Touma in one way or the other. This revelation did not stop Touma from pushing on, however. Mikoto helplessly watches as Touma heads out to parts unknown.

Elsewhere, Kanzaki Kaori is slowly realizing the limits of her body as she was unable to defeat Acqua of the Back using one blow of her Yuisen. Severely weakened, Kaori was forced on the defensive as Acqua continues to pummel down the Saint of the Far East. However, she refuses to believe that powerless people are unfit for a battlefield as Acqua had explained, especially after seeing a powerless boy's many struggles. Soon, after realizing what she had to do, Kaori calls out to her former comrades to help her in the fight against Acqua of the Back.

Although shocked by Kaori's unexpected plea, the Amakusas pick up their weapons and stood up despite their injuries. Afterwards, they leapt to Kaori's side, leaving Acqua dumbfounded. Acqua continues on his assault against Kaori and the Amakusa, but they already have the Saint Destroyer spell prepared for Acqua, confident that this attack will cause Acqua to self-destruct due to his nature as a Saint and his Divine Mother's Mercy. Regardless, Acqua unleashes an aerial attack that he aims to destroy Kaori and the members of the Amakusa-Style Remix of the Church. Kaori prepares to defend her comrades from the attack, but Acqua's attack dissipates at the right hand of Kamijou Touma, who arrives at the critical moment. Then, as Kaori pins down Acqua, Itsuwa is left to strike the Saint Destroyer directly onto Acqua. Unlike the failed attempt before, Acqua was successfully hit by the spell, and his body explodes under the reaction of the spell, creating more havoc in the process.

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Although the third princess of England was rescued successfully, Knight Leader wasn't happy to see William Orville disobey his request. What further worsened his temper was William Orville's decision to leave England. However, William explained that he needed to leave England so that he could observe the Knights of England from an outside perspective, especially with several powers outside England moving at their own pace. After asking Knight Leader to watch over the knighthood from his side, the two friends part ways, with Knight Leader seemingly disappointed that William had thrown away their friendship with such ease.


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  • Touma:I’m going. It’s not something I can entrust to others. It’s not like there’s a compulsion that I be the one to do it... Just, I’m going. In the end it doesn’t change anything. If a cogwheel slides out of place and I lose my memories, it doesn’t change what I should do. Kamijou Touma isn’t the kind of person that lets something small like losing a bit of memories stop him.
  • Knight Leader:Here’s a good bottle of whiskey from Scotland, there’s no drop of caramel inside, it’s a classic that’s brewed from the color of the whiskey barrel. Well, looks like I’ll just ignore it. You’re going off today, so let me beat you to death before that.