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早すぎる変化の速度 In_a_Long_Distance_Country.
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Yomikawa Aiho finds herself as the person in charge of demonstrating Academy City's mechanized suits. As she takes a rest from the tiring job, she watches footage of an ongoing protest march against Academy City in Toulouse, France. Not only that, there are news of counter-protests against the Roman Catholic Church in Germany.

The cause of this worldwide conflict, Kamijou Touma, is currently scolded for rowdy behavior inside the classroom alongside Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Aogami Pierce and Fukiyose Seiri. And the punishment: weeding behind the school gym. And what's unfortunate for Touma is that Tsuchimikado and Aogami manage to ditch him and Seiri. Soon, Fukiyose and Touma do their task, but this eventually becomes a chance to play a bit, and this does not go unnoticed by their teacher Oyafune Suama, and while Touma tries to ask permission to go home after the task, more misunderstandings followed.

After a tense encounter with Oyafune Suama, Touma heads home, meeting Misaka Mikoto on the way. Mikoto soon discovers that Touma has her mother's number, and before another argument begins between the two, the topic shifts to the unrest going on elsewhere around the world. As Mikoto finds herself perplexed and wanting to do something about it, Touma just keeps quiet about it.

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At the Tower of London, Stiyl Magnus and Agnese Sanctis are interrogating Biagio Busoni and Lidvia Lorenzetti, trying to find out what God's Right Seat is after. Lidvia agreed to give them information if it means to save more people, and if they release Oriana Thompson to help people. Stiyl notes this is something no other fanatical Roman Catholic would do.


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