Volume 13 Chapter 7
雨粒を血の色に変える Revival_of_Destruction.
Changing Raindrops into the Color of Blood — Revival_of_Destruction.
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Kamijou Touma confronts Vento of the Front.

The ability Vento unleashes in Academy City continues to claim victims. While the face of the intruder reaches Yomikawa Aiho by print, Uiharu Kazari (and a news reporter) fall unconscious after bearing witness to the events unfolding via television. Fortunately, Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko manage to evade the ability's effects. The Hound Dog units trace Accelerator's location at the Third Resource Recycling Processing Facility. With Scent Sensors utilized to track down Accelerator's traces, they organize a search operation. Meanwhile, their target Accelerator manages to eliminate his scent trail. After a short period of planning, he decides to take care of his pursuers.

Kamijou Touma and Last Order are still up against a wall. He still thinks that the Hound Dog are outside and decides to hide for the meantime. However, he finds out that someone else took them out... and it's an enemy as well. It was the intruder, God's Right Seat's Vento of the Front.

A fight immediately breaks out between the Roman Catholic nun in yellow and Touma, and in spite of having the Imagine Breaker, Vento's attacks are too unpredictable. Fortunately, Touma manages to guess the pattern of Vento's wind attacks, and he decides to hold Vento while Last Order escapes from the dangerous fight. However, Touma's fight becomes difficult with a large amount of civilians in the battlefield, one which Vento exploits well. However, Vento suddenly feels pain and flees before Touma could take the chance to strike back.

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Accelerator laughs as he single-handedly takes apart Hound Dogs with only a shotgun.

Through careful planning and scare tactics, Accelerator manages to take out the entire Hound Dog group by himself. He leaves the facility to look for Last Order again, but not until he takes care of a survivor who decides to badmouth him.

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Tsuchimikado leaves the territory of Academy City and faces a Roman Catholic magician who plans on using stakes inspired by Pythagorean principles to impale Vento's victims. Even though his usage of magic is steadily hurting him, Tsuchimikado continues on and aims for the core of the spell.


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