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In a cloudless summer morning, Stiyl Magnus walks with Necessarius' Archbishop Laura Stuart and are planning to go to the headquarters of Necessarius in St. George's Cathedral. There, they talk about casual details, especially Stiyl noticing the bizarreness in Laura's Japanese, which was to blame on Tsuchimikado Motoharu teaching her "unusual" Japanese.

Soon, the topic becomes more serious; while Laura and Stiyl communicate using a magical talisman, Laura starts the discussion about a book called "The Book of the Law". According to Laura, it is a book written by Edward Alexander--now known as Aleister--Crowley. She also talks about someone who is able to decode the same book which both Index and Sherry Cromwell has failed to decode: Orsola Aquinas.

However, the book is suspected to have fallen into the hands of the Amakusa Sect based in Japan. To make things more complicated for Stiyl, Kanzaki Kaori, who is once affiliated with said organization, has gone missing. With this, Laura requests Stiyl to travel to Academy City and bring along Index and Touma to assist with the task of finding "The Book of the Law".

As their conversation goes to an end, they reach the doors leading to St. George's Cathedral.

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