Toaru Majutsu no Index Chapter 4
退魔師は終わりを選ぶ (N)Ever_Say_Good_bye.
The Exorcist Chooses the End — (N)Ever_Say_Good_bye.
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As the appointed time comes, Touma is pushed aside by Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori, who quickly prepare for the ceremony that would destroy Index's memories. He was overcome by the possibility that the procedure may in fact work, but as soon as he remembers Index losing her past week of memories with him, he began negotiating on a possible alternative through the miracles of medicine. However, Stiyl rejects his claims to help, and even accuses Touma of being inhumane for leaving Index to the hands of science. Left with no options to save Index, Touma decides to bid her last farewells, which Kaori decide to give to Touma after facing the same ordeal the first time they performed the ceremony to Index.

Stiyl and Kaori leave Touma alone with Index. As soon as they are alone, the two begin their last conversation about regaining freedom and making fresh memories before Index passes out once again. Touma contemplates on the grim fate that awaits Index when he suddenly thinks about Kaori's remark about 85 percent of Index's mind allocated for the 103,000 grimoires in her head—a fact that he strongly doubted. Eventually, a quick phone call from Komoe confirms his doubts about Index's mind, debunking the fact that 103,000 books can occupy a majority of one's brain and opening the possibility that Stiyl and Kaori may have been deceived.

After thinking about Index being manipulated by the Church through a certain means, Touma decides to use his right hand to look for a way to destroy whatever device is causing Index's anguish. Several attempts later, Touma finds the culprit on the back of Index's throat, only to witness Index transform into the same lifeless persona he saw when she was attacked by Kaori earlier. Moments later, "Index" uses a self-defense spell, St. George's Sanctuary, in an attempt to eliminate the threat that removed the restraining spell in her throat. Stiyl and Kaori soon discover Touma fighting with Index's powerful spell and they find out from Touma about the real situation regarding Index. After hearing Touma's plea to take action for Index's sake, the two magicians prepare to cover for Touma, with Kaori diverting the beam from St. George's Sanctuary upwards and Stiyl shielding Touma from the "feathers of light" from St. George's Sanctuary by using Innocentius. Touma manages to reach Index on time, only to be struck unconscious by one of the feathers.

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