The Toaru Majutsu no Index II Original Soundtrack 1 (とある魔術の禁書目録 Original Soundtrack 1?) is the first soundtrack released for the second season of the To Aru Majutsu no Index anime. It was released by Geneon on January 27, 2011 and contains 23 different tracks.[1] It coincides with the release of the Toaru Majutsu no Index PSP Game.


All songs composed by Iuchi Maiko, except were noted.

No. Title Length Notes
1 "No buts!" (Mami Kawada) 1:35 TV Version
2 "Fanatiku" (ファナティック Fanatic?) 2:19
3 "Kyūshū" (急襲 Raid?) 1:55
4 "Chase" (追走 Tsuisou?) 2:01
5 "Toaru Nichijō no Kōkei" (とある日常の光景 A Certain Everyday Spectacle?) 1:54
6 "Itan Shinmon" (異端審問 Inquisition?) 2:42
7 "Semaru Kage" (迫る影 Approaching Shadow?) 1:59
8 "Saikyō no Nanori" (最強の名乗り Introducing The Strongest?) 2:23 Reference to Accelerator.
9 "Konmei" (混迷 Confusion?) 1:47
10 "Saikik Batoru" (サイキックバトル Psychic Battle?) 1:42
11 "Bōkyaku no Hibi" (忘却の日々 Everyday of Forgetting?) 2:17
12 "Jigōjitoku?" (自業自得 Consequence of One's Deeds??) 1:59
13 "Ti taimu" (ティータイム Tea time?) 1:23
14 "Sakubō" (策謀 Plot?) 1:53
15 "Sokki Genten" (速記原典 Shorthand Original?) 3:39 Reference to Oriana Thomson.
16 "Grimoire" (魔道書 Madōsho?) 1:38
17 "Uchidome to Ippō Tsukō" (打ち止めと一方通行 Strike Stop and the One-way Road?) 1:44 Last Order and Accelerator reference.
18 "Kyōdai no Chikara" (強大なチカラ Incredible Power?) 2:22
19 "Kurosu Supido" (クロススピード Cross Speed?) 2:25
20 "Junan" (受難 Suffering?) 2:11
21 "Honoo ni Yakareru Mono" (炎に焼かれるモノ 'Tis a Burnt Thing in the Flame?) 2:33
22 "Makuai" (幕間 Interval?) 0:07
23 "Magic∞World" (Maon Kurosaki) 1:33 TV Version




Toaru Majutsu no Index Original Soundtrack
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