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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Original Soundtrack 2 - MOMENT
KagakuOST2Album cover of the second soundtrack, depicting Shirai Kuroko

Various Artist
Released May 28, 2010
Length 54:16
Label Geneon
Produced by I've Sound
The Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Original Soundtrack 2 - MOMENT (とある科学の超電磁砲 ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK 2 - MOMENT?) is the second soundtrack released for the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime. It was released by Geneon on May 28, 2010 and contains 23 different tracks.[1]


All songs are composed by Iuchi Maiko, except where noted.

No. Title Length Notes
1 "LEVEL 5-Judgelight-" (fripSide) 1:43 TV Version
2 "Hōkago" (放課後 After School?) 2:17
3 "Tokiwadai Joshiryou" (常盤台女子寮(ときわだいじょしりょう) Tokiwadai Dormitory?) 1:36 Refers to the Tokiwadai Dormitory
4 "Tea time" 2:12
5 "Yare Yare" (やれやれ Oh dear!?) 1:37
6 "Sorette..." (それって... This...?) 1:57
7 "Kore de Iin desu no" (これでいいんですの? Is it Really OK??) 1:59
8 "Skill-Out" (スキルアウト Sukiru Auto?) 2:07 Refers to Skill-Out
9 "Omoide" (思い出 Memories?) 2:12
10 "Tsuyoi Ishi" (強い意志 Strong-minded?) 3:54
11 "high speed" 3:21
12 "Level Upper" (レベルアッパー Reberu Appā?) 1:43 Refers to the Level Upper
13 "Ano Hi no Tsuzuki" (あの日の続き That Day Continued?) 3:28
14 "Dōshiyou mo nai Kimochi" (どうしようもない気持ち Hopeless Feelings?) 2:19
15 "Ketsu" (決意 Determination?) 2:02
16 "Tachiwa Dakaru Genjitsu" (立ちはだかる現実 Reality to Confront?) 3:17
17 "AIM Burst" (AIMバースト AIM Bāsuto?) 1:48 Refers to the AIM Burst
18 "Sashisemaru Kiki" (差し迫る危機 Imminent Crisis?) 3:01
19 "Tachi Tomare nai Riyuu" (立ち止まれない理由 Unstoppable Reason?) 1:51
20 "Kaeru Basho" (帰る場所 Place to Return?) 3:18
21 "Egao de" (笑顔で With a Smile?) 2:10
22 "Gakuen Toshi no Yūgure" (学園都市の夕暮れ Evening at Academy City?) 2:51
23 "Real Force" (Elisa) 1:33 TV Version


Trivia Edit

  • In the South Korean variety show "Running Man", Yare Yare can be heard from 77:22 to 77:34.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Original Soundtrack
SPARK!! MOMENTToaru Kagaku no Railgun S Original Soundtrack 1

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