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The 66th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga was released on December 27, 2013. The chapter involves Shokuhou Misaki and Shirai Kuroko's continued efforts to fight their respective opponents.

It was released in conjunction with the debut of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator Manga.

By the release of the 10th volume of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga, the contents of chapter 66, along with chapter 67 and 65 are combined to form a single chapter in the tankobon, chapter 65, named Defeat (敗北 Haiboku?). Because of this, the rest of there is a discrepancy between the chapter numbering of the magazine chapters and the tankobon ones.

Magazine versionEdit


As the skies darken above, Kuroko continues her struggle against Mitori. Injured, she retreats into an abandoned place to treat her wounds.  While doing so, she believes that Mitori is in the building based on the puppet's actions and that she is in the upper floors as she thinks Mitori could only spread her attack as she could not tell how high up Kuroko is during their battle where Kuroko was injured. After treating her wounds, Kuroko pursues Mitori from below, though notes that she may be overlooking something.

Meanwhile, back in Judgment 177 Branch Office, Ruiko and Kazari becomes worried of Kuroko's injuries. Kazari, as she watches the cameras, later catches the Daihaseisai Homing Cameras surrounding the building where Kuroko is in despite being no events. Kazari researches that Anti-Skill apparently used them to see if anyone has yet to be evacuated but notes on how the powerful electromagnetic waves there are too powerful for the cameras to approach. Ruiko then gets the idea in having them use the cameras to aid Kuroko, leading Kazari to eureka moment. She asks Ruiko how long the cameras were there, to which she says that they have been there since Kuroko entered the building. Kazari then reports this to Kuroko, giving to her the possibility that Mitori is not inside the building but somewhere else.

Not being aware of her own ruse, Misaki confronts Gensei in a hallway. The game of cat and mouse continues as Misaki makes a bluff against Gensei, who sees right through it. However, Misaki tricks him, though using his Multi-Skill ability, specifically the Aero Shooter, allows him to escape the pit that Misaki hidden through the Exterior building's Graviton Panels. After being hit by and downed by Gensei, it is seemingly over for Misaki. However, she once again uses the Graviton Panels to inexplicably appear at the hole Gensei was going through, trapping his hand.


In order of appearance:

New CharactersEdit

No new characters were introduced during this chapter.


New AbilitiesEdit

No new abilities were introduced in this chapter.


Tankobon versionEdit

As stated above, the contents of this chapter are combined with chapters 67 and 65 of the original magazine numbering to form a single chapter in the tankobon version. 

In the tankobon version, content from chapter 68 of the original magazine numbering is moved to this numbering instead. The events played out relatively the same with Kuroko's continued efforts against Mitori and her eventual victory, as well as Misaki's final ruse against Gensei.

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