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"Suspicion" (疑心 Gishin?) is the 58th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Kamijou Touma looks for a protective charm for one of the Daihasei Games. Coincidently, Saten arrives and she also has what Kamijou is looking for. She hesitates before giving him her charm. Kamijou takes it with his left hand, since he's afraid he'll nagate the charm's "power". They agree to meet in front of a station in an hour so he can give Saten her charm back. Saten suggests that if he can't find her then if he could give it to Judgement's 177th branch office. They exchange names and leave.

Shirai Kuroko and Uiharu Kazari are at a library only to discover that Kouzaku Mitori is dead. Apparently the cause of death was a hearth failure. Kuroko finds it odd that her body was incinerated immediately after she was found. The librarian interrupts and says that she might've not have had a body since they were probably trying to hide something. The librarian even thinks that she might not even be dead. She goes into the rumor of Academy City's juvenile halls and explains that students have been disappearing. The guards ignored this issue and they found it odd that only high level espers would. People say that Academy City make a deal with them and release them in secret.

Saten enters an abandoned building and finds out that there are a couple of people doing things here, that there's power, and an entrance. As the entrance closes Saten makes a dash for it, but then questions herself why she came in.She tries to call Uiharu but two people were coming her way so she made a run for it. Eventually a mysterious girl puts a sword on Saten's neck and tells her to forget everything she saw and leave. Saten turns to leave, but then realizes that she can't get out. The girl calls her an idiot since she told her not to turn around. She notices that a blob comes out of a pipeline, and the blob becomes somewhat of a human being. The being tells the mysterious girl why she let her get away, and she replies that the "plan" is in its final stage and there's no way anyone can interfere. The being still wants to kill her. A man approaches, and the being orders him to find the girl(Saten) and capture her.

Meanwhile with Misaki uses her ability to ask Gensei about the project. She notices that this is a fake, and pulls off his mask. Mikoto looks shocked and it doesn't take her long to figure out that it's a disguise. She asks Misaki whats going on.

It goes back earlier to Gensei talking to someone (colleagues) and them pretending to be him. Gensei says that he must be somewhere immediately, and his colleague understands by reading his mind. Gensei then says that can he protect "Exterior" like that. His colleaugue doesn't understand what he's talking about, and Gensei says that it wasn't meant for him.

Misaki then questions herself how he knew about "Exterior".

The man catches Saten and she struggles. The being asks that they ask er why she came here and then says to dispose of her. The being says there is somewhere she must go as the lady with the sword arrives.

Adapted FromEdit

This is a manga original story, thus it is not adapted from a light novel


In order of appearance:

New CharactersEdit

  • Librarian


New AbilitiesEdit

No new abilities were introduced in this chapter.


New LocationsEdit


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