"Encounter" (遭遇 Sōgū?) is the 47th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


During the Daihasei Festival, Misaka Mikoto meets up with her mother Misaka Misuzu and enjoys a short lunch that her mother prepared — a large bowl of cheese fondue that is supposed to aid in developing Mikoto's breasts. Later, she would end up accompanying fellow Level 5 Shokuhou Misaki, and the two Level 5's would meet Kamijou Touma. Meanwhile, Saten Ruiko continues her investigation of the mysterious "Shadow Metal" and enlists the help of Uiharu Kazari, only to end up in some complications.


Saten, despite being scolded by Kuroko, still wants to search for the Shadow Metal. (Metal created when a lot of powers collide, or so the urban legend says) Uiharu was concerned if she needs the money that much. Saten answers that it is her dream to pursue the urban legends. Then Saten flips Uiharu's skirt, but Uiharu is wearing the gym uniforms under her normal clothes.

In next part, a mysterious group of people in protective clothing are aggressively trying to catch Saten. Uiharu calls Mikoto for help, who is teleported there by Kuroko. When Mikoto saw them, she went on a rampage and attacked them. In next part, after Mikoto calmed down, they knelt down and apologized. Apparently the people were some maintenance responsible for cleaning the sports ground. There were apparently a lot of attempts to steal the DNA map and Saten was recognized as thief. Saten thought it was suspicious how the ground was guarded to prevent the escape of DNA map.

Next part says that Uiharu is relieved that Saten is safe, but she thought that something is wrong with the urban legend about Shadow Metal. She then tried to find some information about it on net, but she found only some vague information. She feels like the Shadow Metal is only a dummy, that the real thing is something different, which the Shadow Metal is trying to hide. Uiharu then restored the site to find urban legends.

There were the rumors about "Very Valuable Orange" (this refers to RAILGUN SS2), "Guidance by Punishment" (this refers to RAILGUN PSP GAME) and some DNA computer that can make espers, but after Uiharu saw the list of people, she quietly deleted this file. (Not sure about this part, but probably some page comments as to why Uiharu deleted that file and reference to Sisters Project)

Adapted FromEdit

Although this chapter is an original story, it coincides with Volume 10 of the light novels, which features the hearty lunch between the mother-and-daughter pair of Misaka Mikoto and Misuzu.


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  • Mentions of the "Very Valuable Orange", "Guidance by Punishment" and a "DNA computer that can make espers" refers to terms used in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Light Novels Volume SS2, the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun PSP Game and (possibly) the SISTERS Project.

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