"August 20, Part 1" (八月二十日① Hachi-gatsu Jū-ku-nichi ①?) is the 31st chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


The chapter opens with Touma losing 2000 yens to a vending machine; Mikoto pushes Touma out of the way, slightly blushing. Touma, after going through his amnesia, forgets who Mikoto is and she attacks him. Mikoto does her 'One, two chaser', kicking out a can out of the vending machine.

Both Kazari and Saten meet up with Kuroko who's in despair. Worrying, over Mikoto, Kuroko describes her problem to the pair, to which Saten suggests Mikoto's strange behaviour is due to a boy (Although, really, it was the 'Sisters Project' that had her perturbed). Letting their imaginations run wild with the reason behind Mikoto's late returns to her dorms, Kuroko hears an alarm for a vending machine and she teleports to the vending machine.

Touma is seen running away from Mikoto, who is concerned he'll become an accomplice to a crime by taking Mikoto's cans. He accepts anyway and MIkoto vaguely describes their fight around town, to which an amnesia riddled Touma interprets as love, rather then violence. Kuroko runs around the corner to see Mikoto and Touma on a seat and instantly interprets that they are a couple (Much to her dismay). Introducing herself as Mikoto's "Only friend", she makes a snide remark about Touma being easily attracted to other women, to which MIkoto attacks, asking "[Does] this weirdo look like my boyfriend?!". Kuroko teleports away, seeing that Mikoto is once again in lively spirits.

Behind Mikoto, Misaka 10031 calls out her name, much to her shock. Mikoto pulls her away from Touma and questions MIsaka 10031 about the project's status, to which Misaka 10031 replies that it is continuing. Mikoto is shocked, feeling guilty about the death of the sisters and recalling the last one that died in front of her.

Mikoto physically feels sick, as she supports herself on a light-pole; Misaka 10031 calls out for her attention to another cat, recalling the last Misaka's interaction with a cat, and this causes Mikoto to shout at Misaka 10031 to stop appearing before her, remembering the last Misaka. Misaka 10031 looks shocked and walks away, following Mikoto's instructions. MIkoto weakly calls out for her and the chapter ends with Mikoto semi-collapsed on the light-pole, in a state of despair.

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Parts of this chapter are adapted from Chapter 1 of Index Volume 3.


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