"August 19, Part 5" (八月十九日⑤ Hachi-gatsu Jū-ku-nichi ⑤?) is the 30th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


The chapter opens with Frenda and Rikou stumbling out from the warehouse and being escorted onto the truck, as they are headed for the other processor lab. Frenda's concern over Rikou's condition prompts Rikou to profess her love towards ITEM, but Frenda saids "It'd be nice if you find another place to belong to". She suddenly exclaims that she had forgot to collect the bombs.

Mikoto walks into the central room with Frenda's explosive dolls in her hands, where Mugino is waiting. Mikoto throws a doll, exploding it, which Mugino blocks with her Meltdowner. Throwing another doll, Mugino shoots a Meltdowner at it, but Mikoto maneuvers it in midair, revealing that she inserted metal in the doll. Destroying the floating doll, Mikoto shows the crowd of other dolls that she had prepared, in response to Mugino's inability to fire several shots. However, Mugino pulls out 'Silicon Burn', splitting her attacks into several, destroying the wave of dolls. Mugino spots Mikoto with only one doll hovering in the air and as Mikoto charges Mugino, blows it up in mid-air. In the ensuing smoke, Mugino is unable to see the last doll, which Mikoto hid behind her back, until Mugino is inside the bomb's blast radius. As Mikoto sends off a spark to ignite the doll, Mugino redirects it, but Mikoto again moved the trajectory of the doll, colliding the doll (With metal parts) into Mugino's head.

The scene cuts to Mikoto walking into the central command centre and destroying everything. Moving back towards the room where Mugino should be unconscious, she doesn't see Mugino. Mikoto, sensing Mugino, dodges the Meltdowner attack, only to be kicked in the gut and sent across the room. Mugino, enraged, starts sending off Meltdowner's without thinking with a clear mind. A phone rings in her pocket, with Saiai calling her about what they should do next. Frenda asks Saiai if Mugino "seemed... Mad... At all?", to which Saiai replies with no, but Mugino "did have a message for [her]": "Prepare to be punished".

Mugino catches up with Mikoto on a suspended walkway and continues to fire off her Meltdowners, with Mikoto redirecting. them with her magnetism. Out of energy even to fire a 'Railgun', Mikoto recovers sitting down and Mugino's attacks stop. Approaching Mikoto, Mugino listens as Mikoto explains the difficulties she had with fighting Frenda, but mostly the traps she put up and moves out of the way to reveal the conductive line that Frenda used. Igniting the lines, the bridge collapses underneath Mugino and she falls down. Mikoto tries to help by offering a 'safety-line' of sorts, but Mugino melts it down. At the bottom of the chamber, Mugino gets up and threatens a scientist for the information Mikoto was trying to destroy and she finds out about the 'Level 6 Shift' program, realizing why they wanted to use ITEM for this job. Laughing, Mugino lets Mikoto go, wanting her to fall into despair over what is going to happen next to her, wanting Mikoto to fall deeper into the dark side of Academy City.

The next day, Mikoto enters the final proccessor, only to find that it has been completely disbanded and she ponders upon the fact that although the project isn't destroyed, the 'Sisters' will no longer have to die. The chapter ends with Mikoto looking at Touma as the vending machine steals his money.

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