"August 19, Part 2" (八月十九日② Hachi-gatsu Jū-ku-nichi ②?) is the 27th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


The chapter opens with Shinobu being re-hired into research lab, while Mikoto is fighting Frenda in the other lab. Mikoto questions Frenda as to her intentions, but Frenda shrugs it off, saying it's all for money and explodes the entrance behind Mikoto, sealing off their room. Dolls fall down on top of Mikoto as Frenda lights the fuses, but Mikoto raises the floor with magnetism, cutting off the fuses. As Mikoto rushes her, Frenda drops a flashbang, blinding and deafening Mikoto and while she is incapacitated, Frenda throws several missiles at her. Mikoto evades these by running on the walls, approaches Frenda from behind and threatens her. Frenda quickly throws a vial of Ignis, which Mikoto explodes, and Frenda threatens that the entire room is currently filling with Ignis.

Unable to use her electricity powers for fear of igniting the room, she starts losing a hand-to-hand fight with Frenda. As Frenda is about to have the finishing blow, Mikoto is able to avoid the attack and strangle her. Frenda flips out of it, causing the flares to drop out of her pocket and accidentally light a fuse. Frenda jumps out of the way of the fuse-line and the chapter ends with Mikoto laughing at the audacity of Frenda's bluff.

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