"August 15, Part 2" (八月十五日① Hachi-gatsu Jū-go-nichi ②?) is the 22nd chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Mikoto confronts Misaka 9982, asking who she is, to which Misaka 9982 just replies with "Mya". Mikoto freezes up, unsure of what Misaka 9982 means; Turns out, Misaka 9982 was referring to the noise that the cat in the tree made, which ran up there as a result of the use of Misaka 9982's electrical ability. Mikoto shouts at Misaka 9982, noticing Misaka 9982's evasiveness, but Misaka 9982 plays upon Mikoto's compassion of small animals. Mikoto finds herself beneath Misaka 9982 to better reach the cat, who jumps up to save it. Both Misaka's are instinctively frightened of the weak electricity coming off from their bodies. Mikoto shouts in frustration as she realizes that Misaka 9982 evaded the question once again and asks her if Misaka 9982 is Mikoto's clone. Mikoto asks why she exists, due to the dissolution of the project, to which Misaka 9982 asked for the confirmation code. Unable to give her the code, Misaka 9982 is no longer willing to answer Mikoto's questions.

Mikoto threatens Misaka 9982, but is (obviously) unable to hurt her and instead lets her go. However, she realizes the significance of the term 'Sisters' and shouts her questions, frustrated. A passing ice-cream truck passes the arguing sisters and the sympathetic ice-cream driver gives two ice-creams to Misaka 9982 and Mikoto, to try to 'heal' their relationship. Misaka 9982 compliments the ice-cream driver for the great ice-cream and after thanking him, he drives off. Mikoto, distracted by the van driving away, doesn't notice Misaka 9982 eating her ice-cream; This leads to them having tea together (Which Misaka 9982 compliments again).

After an entire day of chasing Misaka 9982 around, she informs Mikoto that she would not be returning to her creators. As Mikoto rifles through her pockets for her phone, the previously won Gekota badge rolls out. Mikoto tests out the look by pinning it onto Misaka 9982's jumper, to which Misaka 9982 finds too childish. An embarrassed Mikoto reaches out to take back the badge, but her hand is slapped away. After a flurry of attempts, Misaka 9982 successfully fends off Mikoto, believing that "The moment you attached it, ownership of this badge was transffered to Misaka" and more importantly, "This is the first present I ever got from [MIkoto]" (Although she does lament the fact it is a bit childish.

Mikoto says good-bye to Misaka 9982, wanting to find the creators by herself, and as she's running she gets the feeling that Misaka 9982 really felt like a real sister. She calls up Kazari, asking about the confirmation question that Misaka 9982 asked when Mikoto first met.

There is a cut, showing Misaka 9982 opening a public locker, revealing a guitar case, and the chapter ends with Accelerator meeting with Misaka 9982 in an alley; Misaka 9982 cooly tells Accelerator that the experiment commences in 11 minutes and 40 seconds, "So move to the designated area".

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