"August 15, Part 1" (八月十五日① Hachi-gatsu Jū-go-nichi ①?) is the 21st chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


The chapter opens with Mikoto exiting from a convenience store, dabbling in her past-time of reading copies of manga for free. As she sits down and eats the store food, dissapointed by the week's manga, she meets the children from Chapter Two and meets Kana again. She's drafted into playing with them and during the break, Nao brings up the fact that he can cause a spark. Kana asks Mikoto if they can communicate through radio (Due to their ability with electricity), to which Mikoto replies no to, due to the interference of the city; However, she does bring up that with people with a similar brainwave pattern should make a network possible (And also brings up the 'Level Upper' as well). A Gekota badge on one of the children suddenly catches her eye and Mikoto asks where she got it. Travelling to the "Gachagacha" in the shopping street, she starts filling baskets full of badges, even asking the other children to change her notes into coins. After filling out an entire machine's worth of badges, she starts buying the ones in front of the station and eventually wins one there. After winning the badge, she suffers from shopper's regret, not knowing where she could wear the badge without feeling embarrassed.

As she's walking with the children, she suddenly has a strange feeling of her "own power... coming from outside". The chapter ends with her running to the source of the power, meeting with Misaka 9982 under a tree.

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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 04

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