"August 10, Part 2" (八月十日② Hachi-gatsu Tōka ②?) is the 19th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


In a phone booth, Misaka looks at a report on her smart-phone about a cloning plan that originated in the place (Seiguchi Pharmacies, Seventh Medical Research Center) where the scientists mapped her DNA for research. Still dubious about the cloning story, she decides to infiltrate the laboratory, buying and changing into casual clothes with the newly found bank cards.

Using her electrical abilities, she gets into the research centre, finding the only room that isn't watched by cameras. The alarm goes off and a guard shines his light upon a person to create a silhouette. Mikoto walks into a room with a cultivation device ("Large enough to fit a human) and brings up a report about the 'Sisters' on the computer. The report describes a plan to find out how Level 5's are made through cloning, using somatic cells extracted from her hair (Which she donated in the flashback of Chapter 18). Their growth would be accelerated through hormones and the such, creating a body equal to Mikoto in just 14 days. However, according to a calculation from the Tree Diagram, the Sisters were not nearly strong enough, the strongest one being only a Level 3. This calculation leads to the apparent dissolution of the project, much to the relief of Mikoto. However, as she leaves, the silhoutted person is revealed to be a clone of Mikoto, who approaches the computer and starts deleting data.

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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 03

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