"A Certain Pair's Job Training [First Half]" (とある二人の新人研修 (ジョブ・トレーニング) [前篇] Toaru Futari no Jobu Torēningu [Zenpen]?) is a special prequel chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


A young Kuroko is at the Judgement Training Grounds, training next to non-Judgement students (specifically Uiharu), who are undergoing their initiation training sessions. Kuroko offer Uiharu her drink in one of the breaks and encourages Uiharu to do her best, telling her to "Believe your feelings and follow what you feel... The results will come afterwards". Kuroko then tells Uiharu that she is already a member of Judgement, something which impresses Uiharu. What Kuroko doesn't tell her is that even though she has been a member for a year, she has yet to be involved in a major incident.

Later, Kuroko is working together with Konori Mii on a patrolling job. Kuroko asks why she only gets patrolling and odd jobs. Konori answers that it's more important to prevent the incident than dealing with the consequences afterwards. She then asks Kuroko if she wants to be treated better because she's a honor student. Kuroko answers that she only thought she was treated differently because she is in elementary school. Konori tells her that Age isn't important, and that she want to act on her own because of her potential, to which Kuroko answers that she is being treated like a kid.

Shortly afterwards, Uiharu is walking around looking for a post office. When she finds it, she walks inside and meets Kuroko on the inside. Uiharu tells Kuroko that she has been looking at the dorms since she's beginning at junior high school. Kuroko tells Uiharu that she is starting at TTokiwadai, which also impresses Uiharu. Kuroko responds that she thinks that school will be quite bad, since the students will believe they are superior because they are level 3 or higher. She mentions that she's heard about a girl called 'Railgun', which Kuroko expects to have a horrid personality. Kuroko and Uiharu then part ways as Kuroko meets up with Konori.

Kuroko tries to apologize for getting distracted while on duty, but Konori cuts her off because she has seen someone suspicious. Using Clairvoyance, Konori is able to see that he has got some tools in his bag and a gun in his right pocket. As she goes to tell the people who work there, Konori tells Kuroko to prioritize protecting the civilians if anything happens, saying that incidents outside of school should be left to Anti-Skill. Kuroko think that is a too passive way to think but doesn't do anything.

Then the man firers his gun, and tells the people in the post office to be quiet and not try anything. When a man tries to press the alarm, the robber considers killing the man to set an example, but before he makes the decision Kuroko has teleports behind him and attacks him. After beating up the robber, Kuroko sees that the robber had an accomplice, who is now holding Uiharu hostage.

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