"July 25" (七月二十五日 Shichi-gatsu Ni-jū-go-nichi?) is the seventeenth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Mikoto and Kuroko are caught sneaking back to their dorms, after cleaning up the remnants of the AIM Burst. The Dorm Supervisor, although understanding, states that regulations are not the same as rules as so she must punish Mikoto and Kuroko (although, she 'snaps' Kuroko's neck first); the next day they are left to clean a large pool with brooms. After an advance by Kuroko, involving a presumably drugged drink, they meet Kinuho and Maaya. Kinuho gives Mikoto her gratitude for saving her from "punks" who were making unwanted advances, a few months back. She offers Mikoto her sports drink, who accepts, much to the shock of Kuroko. Kuroko starts comparing the warm way that Mikoto treated everyone but herself and comes to the conclusion that Mikoto hates Kuroko. She tries to shrug off this conclusion by rationalising that in a battle, "there's no one that can be more helpful than me", but watches as Kinuho controls water, promising to help out later. As they leave, Misaka starts talking to Kuroko, only to be turned down by an upset Kuroko, who vocalises her concern that she "isn't qualified to be at your side".

Mikoto, surprised by her sudden change of mood, tries to assure Kuroko that although she is a bit strange, Kuroko has always been helpful and that they would be "Always together" (Which Kuroko takes to mean as "Together forever"). Looking too deeply into Mikoto's words, Kuroko concludes that Mikoto is only cold towards her because of love and that it was just a test. As Kuroko again makes advances towards Mikoto, who shocks her in retaliation; Kinuho and Maaya walk in this scene, but quickly walk away.

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