"July 24, Part 6" (七月二十四日⑥ Shichi-gatsu Ni-jū-yokka ⑥?) is the sixteenth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


The 'uninstaller' music is being played all over the city, and is heard by Aomi, and stopping the patient's convulsions. By playing the anti-virus software throughout the city, the AIM Burst is suppressed, which means it still has the mass of ten thousand Espers.

Mikoto's fight with the AIM Burst continues, as the AIM Burst slowly approaches the nuclear plant. Managing to do the first permanent damage of the fight (due to the uninstallation), she is informed by Kiyama that all that is for nothing unless she can destroy the 'core' that's gathering the AIM. Mikoto eventually defeats the AIM Burst by using her 'railgun' to destroy the core, but it results in her "batteries running out". Anti-skill officers roll in and just before Kiyama is arrested, she pledges to still help the children, and says that she will do whatever it takes to save them, but says she'll have to start all over again. As she gets in the car, she mentions that connecting the brains through an electro-magnetic network was an idea inspired by Mikoto (who doesn't know what she's talking about), cryptically adding that "Even with your power, you cannot resist... You and I are the same".

Before Mikoto can ask for an elaboration, Kuroko tackles Mikoto in 'concern'. After "taking care of Mikoto's body", Kuroko tells a concerned Kazari that the comatose victims of the 'Level Upper' are regaining their consciousness. Kazari rushes to the hospital to see Saten already awake and standing. Saten expresses her dissappointment at not being able to use her powers anymore, but regrets taking the 'Level Upper' because she put Kazari in danger's way. In the middle of this confession, a sick Uiharu sneezes on Saten and they both laugh under the night sky.

As Kuroko starts cleaning up the last few problems of the 'Level Upper', Mikoto is left wondering about Kiyama's last words; "You and I are the same... We both carry a hopeless fate on our back".

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