"July 24, Part 5" (七月二十四日⑤ Shichi-gatsu Ni-jū-yokka ⑤?) is the fifteenth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


An elite baseball player who is now easily beaten due to the legalisation of Esper powers in baseball games, a girl who cruelly manipulates another to help her and the personal woes of Hatsuya. These are the memories of a few people that make up the AIM Burst, all who have been manipulated or mistreated by society. Simultaneously, the coma patients (as a result of the 'Level Upper') in the hospital are suddenly convulsing, but not awake.

As these memories are seemingly fuelling the AIM Burst, it attacks Mikoto, who reacts with her railgun. The AIM Burst easily regenerates and throws several pillars at Mikoto, who then retreats, but seeing that the AIM Burst isn't attacking, realizing it's attacking at random.

Anti-skill officers are taking cover behind pillars, who then fire upon the AIM Burst. The AIM Burst isn't affected, even growing larger, throwing back several of the Anti-Skill. The remaining Anti-Skill officer (Tsuzuri) stares at the AIM Burst as it approaches her, convinced that it's an illusion but is saved by Mikoto at the last second. Mikoto orders Tsuzuri to make preperations to retreat, who then tells Mikoto that there's a near-by nuclear plant.

Harumi awakens to see the regenerating AIM Burst and laughs bitterly at jokes to herself that she'll receive an reccomendation. With a sigh, she pulls out a gun and points it at her head, believing that she has not only lost control over the network, but also any chance of finding the cure for the children. As she is pulling the trigger, Kazari sees her and tackles her to the floor. Unhand-cuffing Kazari, Kiyama explains to her that the 'embryo' she sees is an AIM Burst, a thing that is made from collecting AIM together, and that it's using the 'Level Upper Network' as a catlyst to create itself, slowly collecting the AIM from Academy city to grow larger. Kiyama further explains that she believes its actions are due to the emotions she had when she came across it at the network's core. After a short bonding moment, Kiyama tells Kazari to use the 'uninstaller' she gave her earlier to break the network, so that the AIM Burst might disappear.

Tsuzuri is seen dragging her colleagues out of the way and spots Kazari running back up towards the highway. Attacks that missed Mikoto in her fight with the AIM Burst hit an area close to Kazari, knocking her down and as she is about to get hit by another attack, Tsuzuri blocks the result of the explosion with her Anti-skill shield. Plugging in the 'uninstaller', she broadcasts the song on the radio. Meanwhile, Mugino and her group are in a cafe, hearing the special 'request' of listening to the "strange song" over the radio.

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No new locations were introduced during this chapter.


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  • Multi-Skill - AIM Burst (an aggregation of AIM diffusion fields of those in the Level Upper Network).
  • Unknown - Sogiita Gunha, Level 5.


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