"July 24, Part 3" (七月二十四日③ Shichi-gatsu Ni-jū-yokka ③?) is the thirteenth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Kuroko looks up Harumi's history and discovers the reason why she quit being a teacher was because "A student lost consciousness for unknown reasons during an experiment". Harumi and Mikoto are fighting on top of a highway, where Kiyama is showing her ability to use multiple abilities, crumpling the ground underneath Mikoto and dissipating her electricity (By combining multiple abilities). Causing to Mikoto to fall, there's a lull in the battle where they argue, with Harumi trying to explain that she's not sacrificing anyone and Mikoto rebuffs this, saying that she can't believe that such lengths would be taken for a good cause. Harumi questions the development of powers in Academy City, saying that the city is hiding something very important about the abilities and without knowing that, teachers are teaching it to everyone, endangering people. Mikoto doesn't believe her and attacks with magnetised iron sand, which Harumi blocks and counters with Graviton's power (with aluminium) by sending a can over and exploding it.

Mikoto is able to stop the can, but a stream of other cans float around the corner. Mikoto destroys them all before they can reach her, but they were simply a diversion for a can that was sneaked behind her. The can explodes, seemingly leaving Mikoto fatally injured, buried under dust.

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