"July 24, Part 2" (七月二十四日② Shichi-gatsu Ni-jū-yokka ②?) is the twelfth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Heaven Canceller discusses with Mikoto the possibilities of a 'brain wave network'; By changing their brain wave to an electrical signal, a network, Mikoto theorizes, could be created, as long as the consistency of the brain waves doesn't change. As Mikoto is asking if Harumi did that, Kuroko interrupts to tell her that she cannot contact Kazari.

In a car with Kazari and Harumi, Kazari asks her a series of questions, which answers:

The 'Level Upper' connects the espers' brains to create, what is essentially, a computer to make very complex calculations possible. It doesn't actually improve an Espers' abilities, but actually allows them to boost their ability and to "temporarily raise the capacity of production and the ability's range", with the people who have the same ability sharing their experiences so they are more efficient. The problem comes from their brain waves affecting each others', which means that a person can make them lose control of the network (Presumably Harumi).

Harumi saids that by using ten-thousand Espers to do a calculation and that when it's over, she will let every go with no side effects. As proof that she wanted no harm to come to anyone, she hands Kazari the uninstaller. Uiharu Kazari challenges Harumi on that claim, asking her what would happen if people fell into a coma when taking a bath (or such)? Harumi swerves to a stop in (comedic) shock, meekly saying that she didn't think about that. Harumi receives a message on her phone, alerting her to intruders in her lab and she mentions this to Kazari, telling her that the data will most likely be erased (due to her security protocol) and so the uninstaller in her hands is the only way to stop the network.

Anti-Skill arrive at the AIM laboratory and report to Mikoto and Kuroko that they are unable to find Harumi and Kazari and don't know Kiyama's objective or destination. They begin searching her lab with permission of their supervisor. Mikoto and Kuroko have a brief argument on whether or not Kuroko should go and help - ending with Mikoto winning, with what is presumably a lot of charm (So Kuroko does not go).

Harumi is driving when she comes across a anti-skill barricade and she stops her car. The anti-skill order her to get out of her car to be arrested and so she gets out of the car; but she mentions to Uiharu that the 'Level Upper' not only allows for calculations by linking minds, it also has "an interesting byproduct" for the manipulator. As the anti-skill officers approach and surround her, she controls a persons gun to shoot two officers. With the other officers distracted, she creates a fireball and causes an explosion.

Mikoto runs to the scene, talking to Kuroko on the phone and being informed that Kiyama is using multiple abilities. She does not believe it, as there is no exception to a person having multiple abilities, but Kuroko tells her that if they consider the 'Level Upper' as one big brain, then she can manipulate it to "Do what no one could ever do" (Be a Multi-Skill). Mikoto arrives at the scene, with Anti-skill officers on the floor and Kazari fainted in the car. The scene ends with Kiyama stating that she doesn't have a level five in her system, but Mikoto has never fought against a person with her [Multi] skill.

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