"July 24, Part 1" (七月二十四日① Shichi-gatsu Ni-jū-yokka ①?) is the eleventh chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Using the 'Level Upper', Saten Ruiko and her friends are able to use a few abilities.

Three days later, Mikoto is hyping herself up to beat Touma "one day" (Presumably after facing off against him) and resolves to be better by helping out. Back in the Judgement headquarters Kuroko is being patched up by Kazari, who mentions that no-one has recovered from the coma and that they must arrest the developer. As Kazari finishes re-bandaging Kuroko, Mikoto walks in (Clearing security with her ability), causing Kuroko to teleport Kazari above Mikoto. Misaka offers to help, but cannot because there are no leads. After a bit of brainstorming, both Kuroko and Mikoto reach the conclusion that the 'Level Upper' works by stimulating all 5 senses through synesthesia.

Kazari calls Kiyama Harumi and sends her the music for the 'Level Upper' to be analyzed by the Tree Diagram. She hangs up on Harumi and receives a call by Ruiko who tells her that she has been using the 'Level Upper' with friends, causing them to fall unconscious. She tells Kazari that she hates herself for not having an ability and that she blames herself for her friends being hurt. Ruiko has a flashback of her mother giving her a charm, so that "If something happens, you can always come back", a charm that Ruiko is holding as she is calling Kazari. Kazari comforts Saten, shouting in public over the phone, as she rushes back to Ruiko; but when she arrives, she is unconscious on the floor.

Mikoto and Kuroko receive the news that Ruiko is unconscious and as they're talking, Heaven Canceller comes from behind and asks if he can talk to them. He shows them both that the brain waves are being influenced (or straightened) by the 'Level Upper' to fit another persons, causing them to fall unconscious. He tells them that one of his works is to make a 'key' from brainwaves and one of the owners is Kiyama Harumi.

Harumi and Kazari are talking, with Kazari blaming herself for Saten being in a coma and Harumi tries comforting her. Harumi leaves the room, leaving Kazari alone and she notices a page about synesthesia sticking out of the cabinet. Upon opening it, she stumbles across an entire compartment of Harumi's research, all related to the 'Level Upper'. She is however caught by Harumi.

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