"July 21, Part 2" (七月二十一日② Shichi-gatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi ②?) is the tenth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Kuroko is being worn down and she tries to block a kick from Trick, observing what he does in order to tell what his ability it is. The kick changes direction in an "impossible way" and hits Kuroko in the side. She tries throwing her last needle which seems to deflect away from Trick and she runs into an abandoned building. Trick seems to take pleasure in this, making it a game into a game of hide and seek restricted to this abondoned building, otherwise he will kill Ruiko.

She is slowly chased up to the highest floor, but she teleports to the lowest. Kuroko is about to go outside, but she is intercepted by Trick from an emergency exit, telling her that this building was on of his hideouts so he "know[s] everything about it". She teleports to the top floor to escape him and Trick has his own little soliloquiy about how he's going to kill Kuroko. He faces away from a mirror, which reflects his image anyway.

Outside, Ruiko is trying to be convinced by Kikuhiko to run away, saying that "there's nothing a Level 0 can do in this situation".

Cut to Kuroko confronting Trick at the very top floor, who reveals that she knows his ability is the ability to distort light around himself; She figures this out by the fact that his foot changed direction and that the needle changed directions, indicating that it was an ability to trick the eyes - specifically bending light. Kuroko saids that she can't directly aim at him (due to his ability) and so teleports a pane of glass into the supporting column of the floor. She asks if he wants to surrender, but he doesn't as he believes that she can't do anything if she can't aim at him. Kuroko teleports a panes of glass into the supporting columns of the lower floors, leading to the entire building collapsing. Due to him not being able to concentrate and him being injured by the collapsing building, he cannot walk nor use his ability. As a piece of debris is about to fall on top of him, Kuroko teleports him out and she watches as the building collapses.

Two Anti-Skill officers turn up and tells them that "[Saten Ruiko] reported that Judgment is fighting an esper". The officer thanks her for doing her job as there was a recent surge of espers. Trick starts burbling out that they can't understand because they're not a part of it (Something the other criminal psychics were saying as well) and so Kuroko comes to the realization that he is brainwashing himself.

Ruiko realizes that there's a big difference between level 0's and psychics and comes across her other level 0 friends, who start talking about the 'Level Upper'. Saten tells them that she also has the 'Level Upper' and the chapter ends there.

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  • Trick Art - Trick, Level 0 (Level Upper User).
  • Teleport - Shirai Kuroko, Level 4.

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