"July 21, Part 1" (七月二十一日① Shichi-gatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi ①?) is the nineth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


A 'Level Upper' is downloaded by Kazari from Kuroko, who extorted the newly 'collected' music-player (from the last chapter). Kazari mentions that the recently banned web-site has over 5,000 downloads and since then, there have been more cash transactions. Kuroko asks for trading locations and Kazari hands her a sheath of paper of time and locations, who goes off to check out the situation, as she needs to point out the actual harm so that the authorities will stop it.

Harumi calls Kazari and explains that the 'Level Upper' uses devices to intervene with the brain system, but cannot see how it works in its entirety as she states that it will be hard to learn only through audio. Then Kazari realizes that Saten has a 'Level Upper'.

Saten Ruiko, through a soliloquy explains that she has never been able to become an Esper, because she always found there was "an inseparable wall" that she could not overcome, despite working hard. Saten Ruiko comes across Kikuhiko being beat up by two thugs, who are under the order of Trick. They find Ruiko who runs away, but she finds herself coming back and asking them to stop. Trick appears in front of her and grabs her hair, but Kuroko announces her appearence, stopping things from getting out of hand. She takes out the two thugs and is attacked by Trick. She tries attack him, but he seemingly dissapears who attacks from behind. A fight ensues, where Kuroko doesn't seem to be able to hit him, and where Trick seems to be disappearing. Just when Trick is about to land a hit with his knife, Kuroko teleports away in time (having a bit of hair cut off), leaving her to wonder what his power is.

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  • Trick Art - Trick, Level 0 (Level Upper User).


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