"July 20" (七月二十日 Shichi-gatsu Hatsuka?) is the eighth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Awakening from a near-kiss from Kuroko, Mikoto walks off, just as Kiyama Harumi walks in; introducing herself as a person doing research on brain psychology (specialising in AIM diffusion fields). Mikoto comes back from the bathroom and meets Harumi, who notes that she knows Mikoto. Harumi tells the duo that there has been no conclusion as to the cause of the student's coma, telling the gathered scientists that she came also to monitor the health conditions of the students. Kuroko asks Harumi about a 'Level Upper', but Harumi seemingly can't help because of a lack of information as to the 'Level Upper'.

Elsewhere, Ruiko meets up with Kazari and shows her the 'Level Upper', who mistakes it for a music player. Ruiko leads her to a cafe to tell her about what it is.

Back to Mikoto, Harumi and Kuroko in a cafe, Kuroko seems to have expanded on her theory that the 'Level Upper' is what causes the students to be in a coma. (She describes her problem of not being able to publicize this theory as they are not sure and if they were to publicize, the amount of victims might increase). Harumi realizes that Kuroko is asking because of her concern that it might be interfering with the brain's system and that she is asking her to investigate further.

Ruiko and Kazari meet up with the three of them and before Ruiko can show everyone the 'Level Upper', Kuroko states Judgment's intention to 'provide protection' to those with the 'Level Upper' as they "will always walk on the path of a criminal". As they are leaving the cafe later on in the day, Harumi mentions that she was a teacher a long time ago.

Ruiko leaves as Kazari asks her what she was going to show with a dissmissive comment and Mikoto senses Touma in the background and runs after him, without Kazari and Kuroko noticing. Catching up to Touma, she prepares to attack him, but is interrupted with him asking if there are any English churches in the area. Mikoto amiably gives him directions and they both walk away, but Mikoto realizes what she's doing and attacks Touma. Touma closes her mouth as she is talking, because all the electrical appliances in the area were short-circuited, attracting the attention of a security robot who blames him, causing him to run away.

Mikoto chases him and asks him to fight seriously and he finally does reply seriously, making Mikoto freeze up. As Touma does his self-pitying "What bad luck... A morning amongst a self-proclaimed magician", Mikoto tries to attack Touma but can't seem to bring herself to and instead asks about what he means by magician. Touma walks away, leaving Misaka look down despondently at her hand (obviously symbolic).

Ruiko is seen not wanting to throw away the 'Level Upper' as she "finally found it".

Kuroko asks the three thugs, who were previously chasing Mikoto, about the 'Level Upper'. Kuroko easily dispatches two who rush at her and 'politely' asks if she can get help from the last one (who agrees).

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The scene where Misaka Mikoto encounters Kamijou Touma is adapted from Chapter 1, Part 5 of Index Volume 1.

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