"July 19, Part 2" (七月十九日② Shichi-gatsu Jū-kyū-nichi ②?) is the seventh chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series. It is a continuation from the previous chapter.


As Kamijou Touma comes to help Misaka Mikoto with the thugs, Mikoto gets all fired up. Touma starts insulting them while Mikoto says that she doesn't know this fellow at all. The thugs say that they won't give out the Level Upper details for free like that. Touma starts saying that he'll just have to deal with the three thugs while six others show up making it a total of nine thugs. Touma gets scared and runs off while the thugs chase after him. Mikoto, being the only one left, gets approached by a waitress asking her if everything is okay. She says she's fine and tells her that she should charge everything on Kuroko. With that, Mikoto runs off after them.

As Mikoto catches up to the thugs she begins asking them (again) about the Level Upper. The thug begins and then gets interrupted by his friend who tells her to leave. Angry, Mikoto shocks him and the other thugs find out that she is an esper. The thugs try to take her out with their "new" levels, which they gained form the Level Upper, but in the end Mikoto defeats them easily.

Touma keeps on running, thinking that he lost the thugs, only to have Mikoto's powerful Railgun to come his way. Luckily he blocks it with his Imagine Breaker.

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This is a manga original chapter, thus it is not adapted from a light novel.

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