"July 19, Part 1" (七月十九日① Shichi-gatsu Jū-kyū-nichi ①?) is the sixth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


37.3 degrees Celsius was Uiharu Kazari's temperature as Saten Ruiko measured it. Uiharu has a slight fever and Ruiko feels bad about it since it was her that was having Kazari tag along. Ruiko proposed to give Kazari her class notes, but Kazari replied saying that she will catch up herself. Since its summer break starting tomorrow, Ruiko will help Kazari cure her cold.

Kuroko, thinking to the point were she is confused, asks Mikoto if the Gravitation Bombing culprit was the one she seized. Mikoto says that she was definitely sure, but Kuroko points out that the bank says that his ability is that of a Level 2, but Mikoto says it was exactly identical of that of a Level 4. With both of them confused, Mikoto says that they should have a break and eat flavored ice. Kuroko orders the same thing as Mikoto (strawberry flavored) and Kuroko says that whenever you listen to the wind chimes, it feels like it's colder when it's really the same temperature. Mikoto says it has something to do with synesthesia. A single simulation evoking two perceptions. She gives the example of looking at cool and warm colors. When you see red it gives you the impression that it's warmer, but when you see blue you feel colder. Kuroko comments on how the human brain is surprisingly simple when Ruiko approaches them. Saten also gets some flavored ice along with them.

Mikoto asks about Kazari's condition and Ruiko replies saying that she has a slight fever and she mistakenly bought medicine for a fever instead of a cold. Ruiko asks if she could try some of Mikoto's strawberry ice and she allows her to. In exchange Ruiko gives Mikoto some of her lemon ice and this activates an envious Kuroko. Kuroko tries to get Mikoto to eat some of her ice, but Mikoto reminds her that they bought the same thing. With this Kuroko bangs her head against the ground.

Mikoto asks Ruiko if she knew anything else about a device called the Level Upper. Kuroko takes this into consideration with her investigation, but Saten says that it's nothing but a rumor. Mikoto starts wondering does something like this truly exist (as she throws the cups on the floor to get cleaned up by the cleaning robots). Kuroko says it might be true since some of the crimes committed didn't match their level of how much damage was done. They ask Ruiko some more questions and she says that there are some people who say that they have "applied" the level upper before. Kuroko says that it might be hard to believe them and says that it might be better if they confront them. With that, Mikoto and Kuroko run off and leave Saten on the park bench.

Mikoto confronts some thugs at a restaurant (while Kuroko is sitting on another table spying on them). She asks them is they know anything about the Level Upper.

Two hours ago, Mikoto and Kuroko were on the laptop searching were the Level Upper users might meet. Mikoto comments on that there are people who use their real name to write comments. Kuroko does a check on them and finds out that most of them has bad conduct. Mikoto suggests that she goes undercover and talks with them, which Kuroko goes against since she is a civilian. Mikoto says that if Kuroko goes her Judgment identity might be exposed. Without much argument Kuroko allows Mikoto.

Back at the restaurant, Kuroko is really concerned (it is unclear if it's for Mikoto or the thugs). Mikoto starts "begging" them, but they just say that they're not going to let out that information to anyone. As one of the thugs says that it's bedtime for kids, Kuroko thinks that Mikoto would explode and shock them all, but Mikoto surprises Kuroko and pulls off a Lolita girl act and saying that she's not a kid. One of the thugs has apparently taken a liking to Mikoto and says that he'll tell her about the Level Upper, but he's not going to do it for free. Mikoto replies saying that she might be able to give them a small fee. He said to forget the money while trying to touch Mikoto's shoulder. She avoided him by spinning around him, and says that she's not comfortable doing it that way. She offers him money again, but he says that she's not a kid in an attempt to convince her to take his offer. However, Mikoto starts crying, and makes up a story, saying that she has no other way to raise her level except for the Level Upper. Behind her back, she appears to have a bottle full of fake tears. At the end of her story, Mikoto pulls off a cute face, while saying that the thugs still won't help her even after knowing her story. Kuroko is unconscious at that point, most likely due to emotional shock.

One of the other thugs point out that her uniform is from Tokiwadai Middle School. They ask Mikoto that they'll tell her everything if she brings her money. From behind Mikoto the unfortunate Kamijou Touma comes up and tells them that it's not right to ask money from a girl using numbers. Mikoto is speechless.

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This is a manga original chapter, thus it is not adapted from a light novel.


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  • Why did Kamijou Touma come to help Mikoto, when he knows that she'll be able to handle the thugs?


  • (Kamijou Touma to the thugs): "I'd never rely on numbers to snatch a lady's purse."