"July 18, Part 2" (七月十八日② Shichi-gatsu Jū-hachi-nichi ②?) is the fifth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Manga Series. This chapter continues from the previous one and is the second part of the graviton bombing occurrences.


Uiharu Kazari, Saten Ruiko, and Misaka Mikoto are out shopping at the Seventh Mist. Uiharu is amazed that even arcade coins can be used as a projectile for Misaka's Railgun move. Misaka explains that either way the coin will melt if it flies beyond 50 meters. Saten comments that having her own finishing move must be great and that someday she wants to have a power that has impact too. Saten holds up a very bold underwear that she suggests that Uiharu should buy. Uiharu says that she could never wear something like that. Saten explains that even if she flips Uiharu's skirt she can show off her underwear to others. Uiharu replies saying that she should not flip her skirt and she doesn't like showing her underwear to other. Uiharu guides the rest to the pajamas section since Misaka wanted to buy a pair. Misaka spots a cute pair of pajamas. Saten criticized the pajamas to be childish to which Uiharu agreed upon. Misaka also agrees with them, hiding her true opinion of the pajamas. As Saten and Uiharu go to the swimsuits section, Misaka picks up the pajamas and tries them in front of a mirror, just when A certain unfortunate boy walks in. Misaka, surprised asks him what's he doing here. He gets interrupted from the Bag girl who calls him big brother and brings a dress to show him. Misaka obviously thinks that she is his younger sister and Kamijou says that she just wanted to go shopping and he showed her to this store. The bag girl watched TV and they said to come to this store if girls want to look pretty. Misaka then suggests that they should fight in the store to see who wins from yesterday. Kamijou says that he didn't want to fight in front of a kid and walks away. In the meantime the bag girl acts confused. Saten and Uiharu approach the two of them and the bag girl notices Uiharu right away. Misaka takes the opportunity to excuse herself in the bathroom.

As Misaka comes back from the bathroom she notices a person with a frog to in his hands. Misaka thought it was a Gekota figure but takes a good look at it and sees that it's not. Misaka wonders what a person would do bringing a stuffed animal to a place like this. As Misaka returns see asks where the bag girl went and Saten says that she went to visit the washroom. At this moment a frantic Shirai Kuroko calls saying that she has an update regarding the graviton bombings. Uiharu asks for the location of the graviton detected and Shirai says that it's a dress store named Seventh Mist. Uiharu tells Shirai that she is already there and hangs up. She tells Misaka that the store is the target and to help her with evacuating the bystanders and she tells Saten to go outside with the others. Kamijou comes rushing in to ask Misaka where the bag girl might have gone to.

Shirai calls Uiharu again and tells her to leave the store this instant. She tells her that her judgement colleagues have been injured during the graviton bombings. So, Shirai tells Uiharu that the current target is Uiharu. The bag girl comes up from behind Uiharu and gives her the frog seen from earlier. She tells her that a boy wearing glasses wanted her to have this.As the bomb starts to prepare to explode Uiharu throws the graviton to the opposite side and protects the bag girl. Kamijou and Misaka approach and Misaka realizes that the stuffed frog is the same one from before. Uiharu yells that its a bomb and Misaka tries to railgun it. The only problem is that she dropped her coin and the bomb was going to explode before she took out another one. People from the outside saw the explosion and says that there were people still inside, one of them being a judgement member.

The boy who was holding the stuffed animal from before walks away into a dark alley and compliments himself for how far he's come with his power. He also reveals that it won't be long until judgement members see his power. Behind him was Misaka's smiling face and as he says he'll blow everyone away, Misaka kicks him in the back. Misaka tells him that he should know what's going on by now and calls him "Mister Bomb Maniac". He lies and says that he doesn't know what she's talking about. Misaka comments on how interesting the explosion was and tells him that no one got injured. He replies by saying that it was is full power and then changes it to saying that he could see that the explosion was serious and thought that no one could do anything at that point. He pulls out a spoon thinking of blasting it in Misaka's face, but Misaka uses her railgun to protect herself and knock him down. He recognizes her as Tokiwadai's Railgun. She threatens him and he says that he's always being knocked down and that he wants to kill everyone who thinks about this "Judgement" nonsense. Misaka tells him that people who do have abilities are the same as him. She then shocks him with electricity. She tells him that Tokiwadai's Level 5's were once known as a mere Level 1. But they obtained their great power by hard work. Misaka then tells him that even if she was a Level 1 she would've still stood up to him. She hits him once before they're done talking.

A judgement girl tells Shirai that the criminal has been captured. Uiharu calls out to Shirai and she comments on that Uiharu is still in one piece. Uiharu said that it was Misaka's doing. Shirai asks herself how did Misaka use her ability to protect them.

Later, Misaka recalls that her railgun didn't make it in time to protect them and that in the end Kamijou protected them. Coincidentally he walks by her and Misaka asks why he didn't take the credit for saving them. Kamijou says that it doesn't matter since no one got hurt. As one of the staff workers from Seventh Mist came to congratulate Misaka, she ends up kicking the door and starts insulting Kamijou. Kamijou feels that there is some sort of grievance he's feeling.

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  • This is a manga original chapter, thus it is not adapted from a light novel.


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