"Level 6" (神ならぬ身にて天上の意志に辿り着くもの (レベル6) Reberu 6?, lit. "Those who are not deities that reach the sense of the heavens") is the twenty-second episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime series. It was first broadcasted on March 2nd, 2010.


  • A picture of Child Errors, with Banri (2nd row, center) and Erii (1st row, left).
  • Erii awakes at the hospital and is accompanied by Uiharu, Kuroko, Ruiko and Therestina.
  • Kuroko takes a hit after creeping up to Mikoto while bathing,
  • Erii receives a gift from Uiharu: taiyaki warmed up with her ability.
  • Uiharu and Kuroko do a little research in Judgment headquarters.
  • Therestina warns Ruiko and Mikoto about Kiyama's experiments.
  • According to Therestina, RPSK has the tendency to resonate among espers of the same ability.
  • If not stopped, it would unleash a chain reaction strong enough to destroy Academy City.
  • The research has paid off, and they discover that a man named Kihara Gensei led the hypothesis.
  • Mikoto watches Kuroko fantasize about her in her sleep.
  • Wearing a Gekota mask, Mikoto breaks into one scientific facility related to their research.
  • Kiyama Harumi discovers Mikoto.
  • Kiyama takes Mikoto by car into another facility.
  • Heaven Canceller reveals his intent of assisting Kiyama and tells Mikoto about Kihara's plan.
  • First Sample, presented in Kihara Gensei's speech.
  • Heaven Canceller talks to Gensei after the latter's speech.
  • Therestina apprehends Kiyama.

After a short flashback of Edasaki Banri bidding goodbye to her, Erii recollects on her life as a Child Error in front of Mikoto and the others. She tells that she and Banri share the same Child Error facility and they became friends, usually communicating using telepathy. According to her, it stayed that way until Banri was transferred to another facility. It was later on when she started to hear her friend's voice again, clearly in pain; she admitted that she was helpless because she does not know anything about her friend's current condition. Uiharu reassured her that she will be eager to help Erii in searching for her friend. Outside Erii's room, Mikoto and Kuroko talked to Therestina, sharing vital information about Kiyama Harumi and her relation to Erii's friend Banri. Mikoto tells Therestina that Edasaki was one of the test subjects for analyzing forced ability overload, whose man-in-charge is a man named Kihara. Therestina admits she knows a person with the same name; according to her, Kihara (Gensei) was a famous "mad scientist" whose whereabouts are unknown. Nonetheless, she tells them that he has no qualms in human experimentation. In addition, Therestina says that the products of the experiment, should it existed, would be the cause of the earthquakes, those she calls "overloaded espers". Unfortunately for them, the test subjects' whereabouts are unknown as well.

On their way back to District 7, Mikoto and Kuroko discuss the link between the test subjects and the earthquakes. Mikoto suggests of looking for ways to track down the subjects of kihara's experiments and Saten thinks of asking Uiharu to help. Uiharu agrees, but is disappointed that Erii's friends become suspects as well. For the first time, Saten snaps at Uiharu, telling her to stop her way of thinking. After that remark, the four girls stay silent.

That night, at Tokiwadai Dormitory, Mikoto ponders on Erii's friend calling for help while taking a bath. As Kuroko prepares to take a bath herself, she admits that she's not surprised in Uiharu's reaction to the incident, though she insists that what she did was right. Additionally, she tells Mikoto that she thinks Uiharu fells betrayed, while walking inside a bare naked Mikoto; the Electromaster retaliates by throwing a bowl at her, followed by a bolt of electricity.

The next day, Uiharu visits Erii, bringing some chunky red bean-filled taiyaki from the 8th District. Erii reacts that it is still warm despite the journey. Uiharu then confesses that it is her ability, to keep things at a constant temperature, though not being able to hold very hot things. She then takes the time to ask what her ability is; Erii didn't answer to this.

In Judgment's Branch 177 Office, Kuroko does her research on Kiyama's experiment.

According to what she has found, there are 10 test subjects, all of which fell into a state of coma, and they were confined in different medical facilities around Academy City. Their concern is that they do not stay in one facility, and records fail to trace a complete link to their location.

Kuroko offers some coffee to Uiharu, but her gesture was rejected.

Meanwhile, Ruiko and Mikoto meet up and the latter decides to treat the former to a drink. They went to the park, where Mikoto talks about looking for Banri for Uiharu, Erii and also for themselves.

Just then, Mikoto receives a shocking news.

Therestina meets up with Mikoto and Ruiko on a pastry shop, where she breaks news about Kiyama Harumi's release (they approved her bail, to be more specific) from her detention facility. Mikoto was clearly disappointed at the decision. Ruiko, though, remembers that Kiyama's wrongdoings are because of the Child Errors. Therestina says that it was already predictable, as she utilized them to her gain.

Mii decides to give Uiharu's coffee to her instead of Kuroko. As Kuroko does her own research, Mii joins Uiharu in her research, where she discovers an article: "Possibility of Simultaneous RSPK Syndrome Caused by AIM Diffusion Field Resonance".

That night, Kuroko continues her research in their dormitory room. She also shares info with Mikoto, telling her that same-type AIM diffusion fields resonate with each other. Likewise, if the chain reaction starts with the 10 Child Errors, a simultaneous overload of their powers, 78% of Academy City's espers will be affected and an earthquake with intensity enough to destroy Academy City would occur. Mikoto was skeptic at first, but was dumbfounded when she discovered the hypothesis was written by none other then Kihara himself.

Later, as Kuroko sprawls on her bed from a dream she was having, Mikoto decides to infiltrate one of the facilities she saw on Kuroko's research session. As she looks around, she finds herself in an empty room where a number of large electrical apparatuses should have been. Later on, she hears a familiar voice... the voice of Kiyama Harumi herself.

Mikoto confronts her and threatens on using her powers on her again, releasing a burst of electricity strong enough to activate the alarms. Harumi calmly sighs and decides to take her on another facility.

Inside, Harumi shows Mikoto a room, the room where all 10 test subjects are confined. Mikoto shows her aggressive side once again when suddenly, the frog-faced doctor appears. There, he tells the story of Kihara's master plan.

Kihara's plan is to analyze the potential of of humans reaching the will of heaven through the creation of a Level 6 Power User, also called as SYSTEM. His method is through manipulation of the human brain by overloading espers and administering abnormal amounts of chemicals. The products are developed in the form of a small round candy which he calls crystallized esper essence. According to him, specially selected espers who take the crystallized esper essence will be part of the plan in creating a Level 6. After his presentation, Kihara is confronted by the frog-faced doctor, who asks if his plan is truly possible. Also, he questions the number of subjects required for the experiment, whom he knows has many adverse side effects. Kihara confidently answers that his experiments yield results, and results are more important than the subjects.

The frog-faced doctor tells that he was involved and decides to do research of his own. Also, Harumi tells that the experiment to analyze forced ability overload was just a cover to hide the real experiment where crystallized esper essence is involved. The frog-faced doctor also admitted he gathered the subjects and bailed Harumi, all under his influence in Academy City. Also, the frog-faced doctor admits that the earthquakes are caused by their attempts to revive the Child Errors, whose abilities overload when they are close to awakening. He admits he's surprised because the esper essence he first knew about didn't possess sch an effect.

Kiyama tells Mikoto she is working on a vaccine program, but she needs results from the experiments to acquire data for the vaccine. Kiyama insists she is bent on reviving her students, despite the effects.

Suddenly, Therestina appears with a few MAR units, asking Kiyama to surrender the children to their custody. Therestina assures that she and her team can do what Kiyama can't, but Harumi refuses. Mikoto decides to take sides, siding in favor of Therestina, telling Harumi that she is not in favor of her methods. With the mention of Edasaki calling for help, Kiyama gives in.

MAR takes custody of the Child Errors, leaving Harumi and the frog-faced doctor in an empty room where the children were.


New CharactersEdit

No new characters were introduced in this episode

Adapted FromEdit

This is an anime-original episode, thus it is not adapted from a manga volume nor a light novel volume.


  • The Gekota Mask that Mikoto was wearing during this episode was purchased in episode 20 at the night stalls.


New AbilitiesEdit

  • Telepathy - Edasaki Banri


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