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Telekinesis (念動力 (テレキネシス) Nendōryoku (Terekineshisu)?, lit. "Telekinetic Force") is the unseen power to move objects from a distance.[1] It is one of the most common abilities in Academy City.



Akemi using Telekinesis to levitate Muu

The most common application of this ability is to levitate an object in midair.[2] Other uses of this ability include applying a layer of this power to an object, as well as solidifying the user's body.[1][3] It's effects apparently look similar to Float Dial as shown by Awatsuki Maaya, as it was confused by Baba Yoshio in his analysis. One can also apparently transfer the ability to lift objects for a time, using telekinesis, as Baba Yoshio did not find it suspicious that Maaya lessened Kongou Mitsuko's buoyancy as so Saten Ruiko would be able to carry her.[4]

A part of the Curriculum called Columbus’ Egg is seemingly made for telekinetics.[5] They are also tested by moving a scale in a certain angle.[6]

Known SubtypesEdit

  • Side Arm (気力絶縁 (サイドアーム) Kiryoku Zetsuen (Saido Āmu)?, lit. "Energy Insulation"): A variation of Telekinesis that interferes with the motion of electrons, allowing the user to repel electric attacks
  • Attention Power: Ability Number 00483 in the Bank. A possible unknown type of Telekensis, or an alternate name for it, as it is a potential translation of Telekinesis' kanji.[7]

Known TelekineticsEdit


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