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Number of Times Touma is Bitten by IndexEdit

  • Volume 1: 3 times
  • Volume 2: 0 times
  • Volume 3: 2 times
  • Volume 4: 1 time
  • Volume 5: 1 time
  • Volume 6: 1 time (maybe 3?)
  • Volume 7: 3 times
  • Volume 8: 3 times
  • Volume 9: 1 time (Index failed the assault for the first time)
  • Volume 10: 2 times
  • Volume 11: 2 times
  • Volume 12: 0 time
  • Volume 13: 0 time
  • SS: 0 time
  • Volume 14: 0 time
  • Volume 15: 0 time

Plot Edit

This page is getting a bit big - should we move the plot section onto a different sub-page? Flere821 22:00, November 20, 2010 (UTC)

We just need to summarize it further, and take out those references to volumes and stuff like that. heraldofmeridian♣ 02:32, November 21, 2010 (UTC)

Section or subsection for Kamijou Touma's name Edit

I feel that his name Kamijou Touma, warrants at least a subsection dedicated to it beyond simple trivia. I believe there is sufficient and relevant enough information for it to be considered, such as his name being close to The One Superior to God.---TheGreatEye 22:02, December 7, 2010 (UTC)

Touma's Age Edit

Just to clarify any confusion. Just as Klobis says, Touma's age is 15. He would be 16 if you calculate it normally but schools in Japan start in April.

The first book says that he is 16.

Editing of the profile pic for Kamijou Touma Edit

Can we finalise on the picture for Kamijou Touma? I have uploaded a new pic for him and there were some disagreements.

Status of Touma Edit

Can anyone confirm the existence of Touma in New Testament Series? I don't think he's still active as stated in his "Status" as he sacrificed his life in Vol.22. --AirLance 08:42, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

It's confirmed that Touma is still alive in the final chapter of NT Vol1 AcceleratorLastOrder 10:56, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Several reliable sources including translators of the novel has corroborated the statement that indeed Kamijou Touma is alive and is with Bardway, and appears at the end of the novel.----TheGreatEye 12:41, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Cameo Appearances Edit

Todays update got me thinking, but shouldn't references about Touma in other media (such as a character quoting him or dressing like him) get their own section within his article? To be honest they are just too many to be placed in the trivia section, plus if they get their own section then maybe pics could be added if applicable. To me trivia is more miscellaneous, meager data, such as "Presumably thanks to the effects of the imagine breaker Touma has never once in his life won in janken". Personally I don't do this myself because, well; I don't know have the knowledge about the series quoted there. Okashira - Imbued with Gold - 03:39, May 7, 2011 (UTC)

Touma Relationship Section or Page Edit

I noticed on some wikis that they have a separate section or even another page that goes into detail with different characters relationships with each other. I propose we do something like that with Touma and pretty much every other major character who has at least three noteable relationships. For Touma, almost any character he has met could work, especially his relationships with Mikoto, Index, Misaka 10032, Itsuwa, Kanzaki, Styil, and Accelerator (the list can easily go on).

For a more restricted example, such as Kanzaki, her relationships with Touma, Index, Stiyl, and Tsuchimikado would more than suffice. It would also work for Itsuwa as well due to her notable relationships with Touma, Tatemiya Saiji, Kanzaki (she views her as a rival after all), and the "other Amakusa members."

I'd rather not, it would just open up more speculation rather than facts. After all, people have differing opinions regarding how one character regards another, and would probably result in edit wars that are based off an editor's interpretation regarding a character.
For example: Index has stated that she loves Touma, but to me personally, acts not like a romantic interest but more of an overprotective yet annoying little sister. I'm sure other people would see it differently.
Just add some info regarding a character's feelings in the personality section, more importantly, their feelings and relationship regarding a character that motivates them to do something. For example: Touma for Mikoto's section, and Mikoto for Kuroko's section.----TheGreatEye 08:04, May 28, 2011 (UTC)
I understand your point, but I would like to believe most of the editors here would be better than that. After all, relationship sections have worked out relatively well on other wikis, such as Bleach, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Zelda, Tales series, and Lost. I would like to think it would work out pretty well here as well. We could also have it that they need to use citation to support their contributions like on most of the other articles on this wiki. --- Knowledgeseeker01 19:30, May 28, 2011
So be it, however, it should be only a small section, and more importantly the characters within that section should be principal characters or people who motivates the character. Also, statements should be backed up by citations, for example: one should not claim that Kamijou Touma only thinks of Misaka Mikoto as a dangerous Tokiwadai Middle Schooler unless it is specifically stated in the novels(higher importance), that it all Touma regards Mikoto. If the relationship is ambigious, one should not make claims regarding the characters, however, it would be best to say "that the exact relationship is unknown" and provide statements from the novels on how it is such. ---TheGreatEye 08:57, May 29, 2011 (UTC)
Well also I think a list of the girls who have fallen for Touma would be interesting, since from that he is building the harem Aogami mentioned in vol. 5 I mean he has a nun, miko, tsundere, imouto, etc.
Tenative list of girls who are attracted to Touma, with mild reason, not stating Touma's feelings but their own with some interpretation:
Index- Saved life, and is current guardian
Misaka Mikoto- Sparring partner and stopped SISTERs experiment, followed Touma while drunk
Himegami Aisa- Saved life, followed Touma while drunk
Lessar- Saved life
Komoe?- not sure, followed touma while drunk
Kanzaki Kaori- Saved her congregation and life
Itsuwa- Shared meaningful adventures
Agnese- stated she like Touma
Kumokawa Seria- Hidden past and shows interest in Touma, followed Touma while drunk
Awaki Musujime- Called ambulance for her, she followed Touma while drunk
Probably missed some, but some are hard to tell. I would guess at these:
Kazakiri, Fukiyose, and Orsola, but they are often stated as not or there doesn't seem to be the right amount of interaction.
Well yeah, probably missed some but if we do make a section here is something to work off of if you want.Dim1 06:06, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

Move Imagine Breaker Edit

I think we can all agree that the Imagine Breaker has become its own identity seperate from Kamijou Touma, and require its own article as information for it continues to grow larger and larger.

I think we should move Imagine Breaker to Kamijou Touma/Imagine Breaker, that way, the Kamijou Touma doesn't get any more bloated from the probable influx of information that is to be revealed regarding the Imagine Breaker.---TheGreatEye 06:12, August 15, 2011 (UTC)

Wholely agreed -- this whole thing will come bite us in the ass later if we don't do it now. Actually, can't we do a single page regarding Right Hand powers aka Holy Right and Imagine Breaker?

Mr.Kyon 06:38, August 15, 2011 (UTC)

Go right on ahead; although, I don't think there's enough content for that.---TheGreatEye 18:53, August 17, 2011 (UTC)

Touma's age, finaly revealad (actually it was on the first novel of the series) Edit

Touma's Age Edit

Touma is 16 years old, here is the reference from To Aru Majutsu no Index Volume 1, Chapter 1, Part 1: "She (Index) looks… maybe fourteen or fifteen? Anyway, she looks younger than Kamijou by one or two years". That means that Touma have sixteen years, and therefore Accelerator and Hamazura too.

Touma's age is already determined as 15-16 through that vague reference. The exact age is still unknown, if I recall correctly.---TheGreatEye 03:21, February 15, 2012 (UTC)
But Index have 14-15 and Touma is older than Index so he can't have 15 years, therefore he have 16.


The self-proclaimed beast girl, who is she? Was she a part of any of the SS or anything, cause I can't find her anywhere.Dim1 17:14, February 24, 2012 (UTC)

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