Academy City IRL?Edit

I have evidence to prove that many sceneries of Academy City in the anime is based off of Tama City, Kanagawa, but I'm afraid my source is just unreliable..But if there is a reliable enough source does it warrant a mention here? 16:21, March 31, 2010 (UTC)

I've seen it in an anime forum and they say it came from 2chan (a Japanese forum), which is far from a reliable source, but nonetheless, they have provided images to compare Tama City to Gakuentoshi. We can place it as trivia instead, though we need the pictures to at least prove that it is credible. ----Herald of meridian 00:45, April 1, 2010 (UTC)

School DistrictsEdit

I've found more precise info on the School Districts of Academy City, though I'll need someone that can translate it - I can only read about half of this:

第一学区  :学園都市の行政が集中する学区。

第二学区  :警備員や風紀委員の訓練場等がある学区。

第三学区  :外部からの客を多く招く学区。プライベートプールや高級ホテル等がある。

第四学区  :食品関連の施設が多く並ぶ学区。

第五学区  :大学や短大などが多い学区。

第六学区  :アミューズメント施設が集中した学区。

第七学区  :学生寮、病院、窓の無いビル等、作中でも最も多くの施設が登場している学区。

第八学区  :主に教職員の為の学区。

第九学区  :工芸や美術関連の学校が集まる学区。















This will be great for the geographics section of the article..Anyway using an online translator it can be read as such below..
  • 1st School District - Is where the administration of Academy City is located in
  • 2nd School District - Is a district where the security guards and discipline committee's training areas are located
  • 3rd School District - This is where guests who are invited from the outside are located, it includes fashionable hotels with private pools, etc.
  • 4th School District - This is where a lot of food related facilities are kept.
  • 5th School District - Universities and Junior Colleges are located within this region.
  • 6th School District - Amusement Facilities are located here
  • 7th School District - School district where the most a lot of facilities appear in work such as buildings without student residence, hospital, and window.
  • 8th School District - Chiefly a district for school personnel
  • 9th School District - Schools that are related to arts and crafts are located here.
  • 10th School District - This is where the only cemetery in Academy City is located, and where the reformatory and facilities related to nuclear power are located.
  • 11th School District - School district where carrying goods is active.
  • 12th School District - It is for the schools of the theology system.
  • 13th School District - School District where kindergarten and elementary school are located
  • 14th School District - School District where overseas students gather a lot.
  • 15th School District - School district with a lot of facilities related to big downtown and mass communication.
  • 16th School District - The commercial division
  • 17th School District - Railway yards, this is where Touma and Accelerator fought.
  • 18th School District - School district with machine educational institution on length point and fog [ke] hill woman school. (no idea what this means)
  • 19th School District - A School District that has been in decline.
  • 20th School District - School district where schools of sports engineering system are concentrated.
  • 21st School District - This where a lot of dams(possibly refering to reservoirs) for storing water are kept.
  • 22nd School District - Minimum area school district (possibly refering to it as the smallest school district). The developing underground town.
  • 23rd School District - Airlines and the area of space development occupy it.

Well that is all..--TheGreatEye 05:07, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

Academy City's autonomyEdit

It seems like Academy City is completely independent from the control of the Japanese government, have been there any mention that Academy City is a sovereign state? I mean Russia declared war on only Academy City and not the entirety of Japan...??

Just In case u are forgot even Academy City located in Japan, it not a part of Japan + any internasional laws useless in this place. So u can say it a sovereign state---WiliamZ


I'm just impressed with the wealth of info amassed just thought I say wow.

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