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The Unified Story Timeline lists events in the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe, ordered chronologically. This timeline tries to harmonize all the events of all the mediums that tell the stories of the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe, so long as they are canon, things that happen in the story as it goes, things that have come to pass or mentioned is passing, and things that may. This bars videogames, parodies, and audio dramas unless they can be determined where on the timeline they are. Discrepancies will surely abound, but this is the fate of a franchise that has spanned greatly in several mediums and in the hands of several people.

For the timeline exclusively for the anime visit the Anime Timeline page.

Outside the timelineEdit

  • Othinus becomes a Magic God, and using her powers starts adding Phases on the world several times. She later settles with the current world, where Kamijou Touma would later be born and become a bearer of the Imagine Breaker.[1]
  • The man who calls himself Silver Star attempts to tamper with the Pure World beyond all the filters.[2]

1st Century ADEdit

  • The Son of God is put to trial, and is later crucified by the Romans. He later dies by a stab from a spear to his chest. The Son of God, however, later resurrects and ascends to heaven three days after his death.

June 29Edit

  • St. Peter is executed, though preparing well ahead of time, Peter chose the grounds of what would now become the Vatican, where the Croce di Pietro (prepared before his death) would later be erected on his tomb and establish the center of Christianity.[3]

4th Century ADEdit

Middle AgesEdit

  • Records of a woman by the name of Fräulein Kreutune, who can survive any form of trial after being deemed a Witch, are first mentioned.[5]

8th Century ADEdit

9th Century ADEdit


  • Merchants bring the remains of St. Mark into Venezia, thereby expanding the power and influence of Venezia. St. Mark's Basilica is later built to house his remains.[7]
  • Construction of La Regina del Mare Adriatico is finished. However, it was not used due to the fear of economic disaster that would be brought about by Venezia's destruction.[6]

12th Century ADEdit



  • The Third Crusade takes place, most likely the Crusades that Ladylee may have participated in as a young girl.
    • Ladylee Tangleroad becomes immortal after eating ambrosia given to her by a soldier she saved during the Crusades.[9]


14th Century ADEdit



  • The Black Death reaches its peak in Europe, killing millions.


  • The Avignon Papacy ends.

16th Century ADEdit


  • Michelangelo is commissioned for architectural work on St. Peter's Basilica.[4]


17th Century ADEdit


  • The Edo period begins with the forming of the Tokugawa shogunate, and part of its impact is the persecution of all foreign influences on its territory, including Christianity. The Amakusa Church is then forced into hiding.




May 3Edit

  • The Meiji Restoration begins and the Edo period and the Tokugawa shogunate ends. The Amakusa Church however, continues to remain in secrecy.

1870 Edit

  • Ladylee Tangleroad visits Paris, and has her picture taken with two other men.[9]


October 12Edit


  • The grimoire known as Moonchild is published by Aleister Crowley.



  • Aleister's days in the island of Sicily end.[13]


June 7Edit



December 1Edit

  • Edward Alexander Crowley is officially recognized as dead.[13] However, it is revealed that he survived, escaped into the remote English countryside, and was later found by Heaven Canceler, who nurses him back to health and tells him of the faraway country of Japan.[16]




  • The Gulf War ends.


  • The Stargate Project is canceled.

Unknown number of years AgoEdit

October 9Edit

  • Academy City gains its independence as a sovereign city-state.

20 Years AgoEdit

  • Twenty years prior to the start of the series, Sherry Cromwell was part of a secret sect that was created within the Anglican Church to create a Magician-Esper hybrid. She was the one who taught the esper known as Ellis, a child like her, magic and spell, and became good friends with him. However, when Ellis tried to use magic, the contradictions between magic and AIM proved fatal for Ellis, which burst his blood vessels and severely injuring him. At which point, operatives of the Knights of England came and destroyed the institution that Sherry and Ellis were in in, after the higher-ups of the Anglican Church realized that they were in contact with the science side, under the pretext of preventing the leakage of magic teachings and secrets, however, the true intention was because they didn't want magic to have any contact with science. The knights then killed Ellis, who used himself as a shield providing with Sherry enough time to escape.[20] The event would traumatize the young Sherry Cromwell, becoming distrustful of the magic and science side, having a tremendous hate for the Knights of England, dedicating her magic name to her friend, and naming her golem after him.
  • An American Hollywood filmaker designs and makes a huge artificial island as a setting for a movie. At the end of the movie's filming, dismantling such a huge effort made by the crew is seen as a waste, so rather than being destroyed, the island is reborn as a seaside resort and theme park .

14 Years AgoEdit

May 2Edit

10 Years AgoEdit

  • The 1st Lancer Division of the 13 squads of the Knights of England are dispatched to Japan to take care of a minor situation (according to the Church) in a mountain village in Kyoto. Here they discover the lone survivor of an attack of vampire: out of fear of the Deep Blood of Himegami Aisa, a vampire had turned her entire village into vampires. They were, however, all killed by her power thereafter, making Aisa the lone survivor of the tragedy.[22]
  • Problems with Princess Villian.
    • The Princess Villian hostage crisis occurs when the then 14-year old Third Princess Villian is kidnapped by the Spanish Astrological Sect, one of the few major cabals of the Roman Catholics, and is then abandoned by the British Royal Family because they hope to use her as an excuse to attack the magic cabal. Having their hands tied, the Knights of England can't interfere, so William Orwell resolves to enter the battlefield on his own, as his role as a mercenary gives him the freedom to do so. The Knight Leader wants to accompany him, but William knocks him out cold, so he could keep his position and try to change England from the inside to prevent another situation such as this one from happening again, something William can't do.[23]
    • Politicians, presumably from the United Kingdom, try to use Princess Villian as bait in order to gain South America. They are later punished and taught a lesson by Queen Elizard using the Curtana Second.[24]
  • Kamijou Touma, a fresh graduate of kindergarten, is sent to Academy City by his father, who believes that a place where superstition does not exist would be able to help his son from the terrible perception of people around him regarding his misfortune.[25]

5-6 Years AgoEdit

  • Accelerator is caught up in an unfortunate incident where a group of children are hurt due to his powers, leading to Academy City forces trying to take him down. He is later sent into a special class as a result.[26]
  • Misaka Mikoto willingly gives her DNA for the purpose of helping disabled children, not knowing that its purpose was to create military clones.[27]
  • 5 years prior to the start of the timeline, the magic cabal Gate of the Gods Come from the Heavens organizes the Astra Reorganization for 15 of its members that had the best affinity for the use of the Brahma Astra. The project ends in disaster, with 14 of its members losing their lives, and only Ureapaddy Exica being able to wield the Astra limitedly and with the threat of damaging herself and others.[28]

3 Years AgoEdit

  • Aureolus Izzard secretly goes to England without the permission of the Roman Catholic Church in order to share his knowledge in decoding grimoires with the Church of England. Here, he later meets and becomes the partner of Index.[29]
  • The Miracle 88 occurs, when Spaceplane Orion took an emergency landing in Academy City.[30]
  • Academy City begins construction of Space elevator Endymion without revealing its purpose.[30]
  • Acqua of the Back does battle against another Saint, the outcome of this battle is not known.[31]


  • Kihara Kagun resigns from his job as a teacher due to an incident in which a young man erased from the records is corrupted by Kihara Byouri to attack a group of Kagun's students (which included Kumokawa Maria). Kihara Kagun charged towards the attacker, damaged his consciousness and killed him before a tragedy could occur. Despite the court's verdict making him innocent and his teacher licence still active, he decides to take revenge on the one who arranged the incident and disappears from Academy City.[32]
    • Some time later, Kihara Kagun meets Marian Slingeneyer and she becomes his mentor, though she does not directly teach him much, as she thought it would be best for him to learn on his own.[33] It is suspected that their relationship went beyond that of a mere student-teacher one.[33]


August 2Edit

2 Years AgoEdit

Last YearEdit

  • The experiment in which Child Errors are used in order to gather data regarding the Crystallized Esper Essence is successful, but results in the children going comatose, leaving Kiyama Harumi, ward and teacher of the Child Errors, with an intense desire to save them.[41]


  • Tsuchimikado Motoharu graduates from middle school, and goes into Academy City to become a spy for the Church.[35] He chooses to adopt a young girl as his sister in order to fully deceive Academy City. However, he is quickly discovered to be a spy and is later forced to be a multi-agent in order to survive.[42]
    • He later goes into the Power Curriculum Program, becoming an esper and rendering all his magic dangerous to use lest he puts his life in danger.

July (1 Year Before the Index Arc)Edit

  • Index awakens in an alleyway in Japan without any personal memories. However, she still remembers things related to Necessarius, the Grimoires, and magic.[43]


  • Shirai Kuroko meets Uiharu Kazari in the Judgment Training Center.
  • Shirai Kuroko, Konori Mii, and Uiharu Kazari are dragged into a robbery in a post office.[44]
    • The robber with the Equal Speed ability injures Mii and Kuroko, but thanks to Uiharu getting the unexpected assistance of Misaka Mikoto, Kuroko successfully apprehends the robbers.[45]

Present YearEdit


Third WeekEdit

January/February (6 Months Before the Big Spider Arc)Edit

  • Kurozuma Wataru is released from custody.


First WeekEdit

Fourth WeekEdit


March 15Edit


First WeekEdit

  • In Brazil, Ines tells her story that Misaka Tabigake met her when she is poor, and gave her advice about setting up a business of collecting rare metals.

Fourth WeekEdit


Second WeekEdit

  • Ollerus visits the city of Milan in Italy to destroy an organization that specializes in human trafficking.

May 11 (3 Months Before August 11)Edit

  • Misaka 9982 is produced.[49]
  • A female researcher inside a scientific facility orders Misaka clones to dispose the remains of a handful of clones killed in past experiments.

Fourth WeekEdit

  • Hamazura Shiage, while speaking to Kuruwa, jokingly suspects that his friend Hattori Hanzou might be a the surviving descendant of a near-future-like Shinobi Soldier. To his surprise, it seems that he was right.[46]


Second WeekEdit

June 17Edit

  • Mikoto meets Kamijou Touma for the first time when he tries to save her from delinquents and accidentally enrages her. After this event, Mikoto would later meet Touma again several times, trying to fight him.[50]

June 23Edit

  • Kuroko becomes roommates with Mikoto after forcing her previous roommate to move.[51]


July 1Edit

  • Misaka Mikoto goes to Russia for a demonstration for Academy City's partners, and later gets involved with New Light.[52]

First WeekEdit

  • In a bar in London, Kamijou Touya and his colleague Tanaka meet Misaka Tabigake by chance.
  • A female girl, a Gemstone, meets Touya, Tanaka, and Tabigake while fleeing from her pursuers.
  • Touya and Tanaka fake their own deaths by hijacking a Cessna and having it explode.

Second WeekEdit

  • Kumokawa Seria contacts Kaizumi Tsugutoshi, one of Academy City's directors, and they have a conversation regarding the treatment of Gemstones.
  • Kamijou Touma meets Seria by chance after getting soaked from a malfunctioning water sprinkler.

July 10Edit

July 11 (One Week Before July 18)Edit

July 16Edit

  • The Level Upper Arc begins (date based on the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga).
    • Shirai Kuroko, Uiharu Kazari, and Misaka Mikoto respond to a robbery initiated by a group of robbers led by a Level 3 Pyrokinesist.[53]

July 17Edit

  • A Judgment member, mistaking Misaka Mikoto for a new recruit, takes her into a hands-on tour on being a member of Judgment (date based on the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga).[54]
  • Kamijou Touma is confronted by Misaka Mikoto, who challenges him to a duel at the riverbank. The fight ends with Touma fleeing from Mikoto through the night (date based on the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga).[55]
  • Konori Mii and a fellow Judgment officer attempt to evacuate a Green-Mart after detecting graviton acceleration there. However, the bomb is triggered, severely injuring the fellow officer after he protected a girl with a leg injury.

July 18Edit

  • Kushiro Katabira is linked to the incidents of explosions that alarmed District 7.[56]
  • Kamijou Touma saves Misaka Mikoto, Uiharu Kazari, and a little girl from an explosion in Seventh Mist caused by the Graviton Bomber.[57]
    • The Graviton Bomber is arrested.

July 19Edit

  • Uiharu Kazari becomes ill due to a cold. Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko conduct research into the Level Upper.
    • Kamijou Touma accidentally interferes with Misaka Mikoto's attempt to extract information from Junta and his gang at Benny's (date based on the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga).[58]
  • The Index Arc begins.
    • Kamijou Touma is confronted on a bridge by Misaka Mikoto after trying to protect the thugs from her wrath. Their meeting causes a city-wide blackout.[59][60]
    • With the blackout, Index slips into Academy City. While jumping from rooftop to rooftop in order to flee from Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori, she eventually ends up on the balcony railing of Kamijou Touma's dorm.

July 20Edit

  • Summer break officially starts in Academy City.
  • Kamijou Touma meets Index on his balcony. After Touma feeds her and learns of the existence of magicians, Index leaves.[61]
  • Kaitabi Hatsuya falls into a coma.
  • Saten Ruiko finds the Level Upper.
  • Misaka Mikoto, Shirai Kuroko, Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko meet with Kiyama Harumi to discuss the existence and properties of the Level Upper.[62]
  • Misaka Mikoto meets Kamijou Touma and once again challanges him, but Touma dismisses her attempts. Mikoto loses confidence in her own abilities.
  • Kuroko tracks down Junta and his gang from the botched investigation the day before, and enquiries about the Level Upper.
  • Kamijou Touma returns home, and is attacked by Stiyl Magnus. After winning the fight, he takes an injured Index away.

July 21Edit

  • Kamijou Touma and Index are given refuge at Tsukuyomi Komoe's house for the next three days.
  • Saten Ruiko defends Koujun Kikuhiko from Trick and his gang, who were charging money for a copy of the Level Upper.[64]
    • Shirai Kuroko destroys a building in order to defeat Trick and save Ruiko and Kikuhiko. Feeling powerless and scared, Ruiko shares the Level Upper with her school friends Akemi, Muu, and Mako.[65]

July 24Edit

  • Misaka Mikoto regains her determination to defeat Kamijou Touma.
  • Akemi falls into a coma due to her use of the Level Upper.
  • Saten Ruiko falls into a coma due to her use of the Level Upper.
  • With Heaven Canceler's help, the creator of the Level Upper is revealed to be Kiyama Harumi.[66]
  • Harumi takes Uiharu Kazari hostage to stall for time while she attempts to make calculations using the Level Upper network.[67]
    • Mikoto faces off against Harumi. Harumi's subsequent defeat spawns the AIM Burst.[68]
      • Mikoto defeats the AIM Burst.[69]
        • Harumi is taken into custody.
        • Ruiko and the other victims of the Level Upper wake from their comas.[70]
  • The Level Upper Arc ends (date based on the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga).
  • Kamijou Touma and Index head for a bathhouse.
    • Kamijou Touma is attacked by Kanzaki Kaori. After learning of Index's memory erases and the relationship between her, Kaori, and Stiyl Magnus, Touma attempts to force Kanzaki to abandon her pursuit. He is defeated and falls unconscious for three days.[71]

July 25Edit

  • Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko are forced to spend the day cleaning the pool after breaking curfew the previous night (date based on the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga).[72]

July 27Edit

  • Kamijou Touma awakens after three days and affirms his desire to protect Index.
    • Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori arrive at Tsukuyomi Komoe's house to perform the memory-erasing ritual at midnight.[73]

July 28Edit

  • Kamijou Touma accidentally awakens Index in John's Pen mode, causing her to go on a rampage.
    • Kamijou Touma tells Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori that they have been deceived by the Church. The three of them work together to restrain Index.
      • 12:22 AM[74]: Tree Diagram is destroyed when Kamijou Touma deflects a powerful attack from Index.
      • Kamijou Touma loses his memories after protecting Index from the fallout of one of her own attacks.
  • As Kamijou Touma recovers in the hospital, he lies to Index about his memory loss to alleviate her pain.[75]
  • The Index Arc ends.
    • An agreement is later established between the Anglican Church and Academy City for cooperation.[76]


August 1Edit

First Week of AugustEdit

August 8Edit

August 9Edit

  • The Deep Blood Arc ends.
    • Aureolus Izzard is declared dead after the events of the arc, but the truth is that he had his memories and appearance changed after his ability to use magic was sealed as a consequence of his defeat.
    • Himegami Aisa acquires the Walking Church cross necklace, sealing her powers.
  • The Poltergeist Arc ends (date based on the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime)..

August 10Edit

  • The Sisters Arc (Railgun) begins (date based on the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga).

August 20Edit

August 22Edit

August 24Edit

  • Etzali abducts Unabara Mitsuki, takes Mitsuki's form, and begins stalking Misaka Mikoto, with the objective of taking her form and sowing distrust amongst Kamijou Touma and his peers.[79]

August 27Edit

  • Due to the increased hostilities by delinquents who are looking for prestige and glory via defeating the one who defeated Accelerator, Kamijou Touma is forced to leave Academy City (along with Index) temporarily at the urging of Tsukuyomi Komoe while Academy City quells the situation.
  • Due to the distortion of the elements, Kamijou Touya accidentally triggers Angel Fall through sheer coincidence. As a result, Archangel Gabriel appears on Earth, steals the body of Sasha Kreutzev and assumes the name Misha Kreutzev.
  • Based on the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga: Kongou Mitsuko successfully transfers to Tokiwadai Middle School, and ends up lost while trying to find her dormitory. Misaka Mikoto later uses Mitsuko to get away from Unabara Mitsuki (Etzali), who is following her, and later hangs out with her, leaving Mitsuko completely unaware of Mikoto's status as a Level 5 and confused about her apparent popularity.[80]

August 28Edit

August 30Edit

August 31Edit


The month of September currently has the highest rate of countries and states, including Academy City, sending rockets into space. First, this is due to the various states scrambling to obtain the Remnant of Tree Diagram, after the Orihime 1 satellite was destroyed. Second, it is for the Venus Probe Contest, which was used by Academy City as a way to launch materials into space in order to build the part of the Endymion space elevator in secret.

September 1Edit

September 2Edit

September 3Edit

  • Misaka Mikoto, Shirai Kuroko, Uiharu Kazari, and Saten Ruiko are randomly selected to take part in Academy City's seven-day exchange program. Here, they are taken to Liberal Arts City, an affiliate of Academy City, and are later involved in a conspiracy involving Aztec magicians.[82]

September 6Edit

September 8Edit

September 9Edit

September 10Edit

September 12Edit

September 14Edit

September 15Edit

Third Week of SeptemberEdit

September 19Edit

September 20Edit

September 25Edit

September 26Edit

September 30Edit

  • The Academy City Invasion Arc occurs.
    • Vento of the Front invades Academy City.
    • Kihara Amata is ordered to capture Last Order and inject her with a virus that will allow Fuse=KAZAKIRI to manifest, as a defence against Vento.
    • Accelerator, showing signs of Awakening, kills Kihara Amata, the one who developed Accelerator's abilities, after Amata tampers with Last Order's coding.
    • Academy City reveals its use of an angel.
    • The Roman Catholic Church's magic is revealed but is covered up as an esper development program done by the Church.
    • Accelerator is recruited into working for Academy City.
    • Hostilities between Academy City and the Roman Catholic Church become apparent.


October 3Edit

  • The Skill-Out leader, Komaba Ritoku, kills himself during the assault by GROUP, destroying their plans to cause the downfall of Academy City's communication network, which would in turn allow them to attack target espers.
  • Hamazura Shiage becomes the leader of Komaba Ritoku's Skill-Out gang and fails in his mission to kill Misaka Misuzu, due to the intervention of Kamijou Touma, Unabara Mitsuki (Etzali) and Accelerator.
  • Komaba Ritoku's gang is left leaderless, but Hanzou Hattori decides to assume leadership of the gang.
  • The Russian Orthodox Church, represented by Vasilisa, visits London to have a conference with the Anglican Church regarding the upcoming war between Academy City and the Roman Catholic Church.

First Week of OctoberEdit

First Friday of OctoberEdit

October 9Edit

  • The Battle Royale Arc occurs.
    • Tsuchimikado Motoharu captures Management, a provider for Academy City's dark side.
    • Last Order is discharged from the hospital, and is seen by Uiharu Kazari. Uiharu then accompanies her.
      • Accelerator obtains the blueprints for his choker from Heaven Canceler after putting a gun to his back.
    • Etzali is ambushed by a mercenary group working under BLOCK, but he manages to kill Yamate, an operative of BLOCK, and uses his appearance to infiltrate BLOCK.
    • Before he can be interrogated by GROUP, Management is killed by a boy with goggles, an operative of SCHOOL.
    • Sunazara Chimitsu, a mercenary hired by SCHOOL, attempts to assassinate Oyafune Monaka but fails thanks to Accelerator's intervention.
    • To maintain his cover, Etzali incapacitates Tetsumou, an esper working for BLOCK, by making her lose a few fingers of her right hand and pinning it on a subordinate, which makes Saku Tatsuhiko, the leader of BLOCK, kill the subordinate.
    • SCHOOL, led by Kakine Teitoku, the second Level 5, attacks the particle engineering lab near Kirigaoka Girls' Academy in District 18 to obtain the Tweezers, but ITEM, led by Mugino Shizuri, the fourth Level 5, intercepts SCHOOL. During the battle, Mugino kills the boy with goggles.
      • A girl in a dress, an operative of SCHOOL, pursues ITEM, forcing ITEM to split up. She then attempts to kill Hamazura Shiage but fails.
    • Accelerator is ambushed by Saraku, an esper working for MEMBER, but easily subdues him.
      • Accelerator is tricked into destroying the antenna that communicates with the Hikoboshi II surveillance satellite, rendering the satellite useless.
    • After assembling and equipping the Tweezers, Kakine finds his driver killed by Professor, the leader of MEMBER, and is ambushed. Kakine survives the assault unscathed, and Professor is killed.
      • Finding himself trapped in his underground shelter, Baba Yoshio, an operative of MEMBER, contacts fellow MEMBER operative Xochitl, but she abandons MEMBER.
    • BLOCK attempts to smuggle a force of 5000 mercenaries into Academy City, but thanks to Etzali's intervention, they only manage to get around 100 through, as three Six Wings attack helicopters take out the rest.
      • Etzali and Accelerator each destroy a Six Wings.
    • BLOCK takes over the Reformatory in District 10 in order to take Musujime Awaki's comrades hostage. During the takeover, about 50 of their mercenaries are killed by Xochitl.
      • To protect the hostages, Teshio Megumi, an operative of BLOCK, incapacitates Saku.
        • After overcoming her trauma, Musujime subdues Teshio.
      • Etzali subdues Xochitl. In order to save Xochitl's life, he claims her Aztec grimoire as his own.
    • Shiage is ambushed by three of his former Skill-Out comrades, but Hattori Hanzou helps him escape. Hanzou then gives Shiage a lady's handgun before Shiage regroups with ITEM.
    • ITEM (minus operative Frenda Seivelun) regroups, and decides to locate SCHOOL with Takitsubo Rikou's help, but SCHOOL ambushes ITEM.
      • After presumably killing Sunazara with an explosion, Kinuhata Saiai is subdued by Kakine after learning that Frenda sold out ITEM to SCHOOL.
      • To protect Shiage, Takitsubo battles Kakine, who carried Kinuhata's body with him, but faints due to her inability to control Kakine's AIM field.
        • Shiage decides to come back for Takitsubo, and the girl in the dress regroups with Kakine. After telling Shiage about Takitsubo's condition, Kakine leaves with the girl in the dress.
    • To protect Takitsubo, Shiage takes her with him and abandons ITEM, and finds Yomikawa. He and Takitsubo are then discovered by Mugino, who is revealed to have killed Frenda for her betrayal. Leaving Takitsubo with Yomikawa, he fights Mugino.
      • Shiage presumably kills Mugino by shooting her multiple times. This turn of events defies Aleister Crowley's predictions.
        • Meeting Hanzou again, Shiage tells him that he is leaving Skill-Out.
    • As Uiharu sends Last Order away, she meets Kakine. He then lashes at her, revealing that she sent Last Order away on purpose after sensing his presence. Just as he is about to kill her, Accelerator saves her.
      • After a battle in which he protects the civilians in the vicinity from Kakine's assault, Accelerator defeats Kakine.
        • As Accelerator is about to kill Kakine, Yomikawa convinces him to stop. Kakine takes the chance to critically injure her.
          • Awakening for the second time, Accelerator kills Kakine brutally and goes berserk. Anti-Skill is about to take him down, but Last Order finds him, and manages to calm him down. In the confusion, Tsuchimikado recovers the Tweezers.
    • GROUP accesses the UNDER_LINE network, and discovers the existence of DRAGON.

October 10Edit


Second Friday of OctoberEdit
October 15Edit
October 17Edit
October 18Edit
  • The British Royal Family Arc ends.
    • Carissa's coup is crushed, Curtana Original is destroyed, Buckingham Palace is razed, and Fiamma of the Right steals Index's John's Pen remote control from its ruins.
  • Nikola Tolstoy takes control of the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • Russia attacks the Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations.
  • Russia sends an ultimatum to Academy City demanding it to halt all projects and pursuits it is undertaking under 24 hours or Russia will declare war.
October 19Edit
  • Academy City rejects Russia's terms, forcing Russia make a Proclamation of War against Academy City and its allied forces, officially starting World War III.

October 30Edit

  • World War III ends with the Proclamation of Armistice by Russia and its allied forces.
  • The World War III Arc ends.
    • Kamijou Touma is presumed dead after falling into the Arctic Ocean during the events of World War III.
    • The Church of England discovers Aleister Crowley to be alive.


November 5Edit

  • Freshmen Arc occurs.
    • The group Freshmen starts an operation that has the objective of having the Academy City Board of Directors label Hamazura Shiage and Accelerator as "too dangerous to be left alone". The operation succeeds, but it causes the downfall of Freshmen as the people involved are defeated by the counterattack of their targets.[86]
    • Kamijou Touma returns to Academy City with the help of Leivinia Birdway and her magic cabal.
  • Homecoming Arc occurs.
    • Kamijou Touma, Accelerator, and Hamazura Shiage work together to prevent a floating landmass, referred to as Radiosonde Castle by Necessarius, from falling onto Academy City.[87]

November 10Edit

  • Hawaii Invasion Arc occurs.
    • Leivinia Birdway has members of the Kamijou Faction confront GREMLIN in Hawaii, in a gambit to strike the core of Academy City, and bring out GREMLIN out in the open at the same time.[88] Trident and GREMLIN join forces, under the control of Olay Blueshake and Saronia A. Irivika, to invade Hawaii as a starting point to turn the United States of America into a theocracy.
      • The private military company, Trident, manages to agree with the terms of their surrender, proposed by Roberto Katze, to the United States of America.
      • Kilauea erupts, sending volcanic ash into the atmosphere.
      • 27 Academy City Cooperative Institutions withdraw their cooperation with Academy City after the events of the invasion, and the subsequent discovery of Academy City agents (Touma and company) meddling in international affairs. Natural Selector, a tournament dedicated to finding a new global standard to replace the espers of Academy City, is announced shortly after. Baggage City is also purchased by the institutions.

November 13Edit

  • Baggage City Arc occurs.
    • The Natural Selector tournament is started by Science Guardian, formerly known as the 27 Cooperative Insitutions of Academy City, and is held in Baggage City amidst millions of spectators and countless competitors.[89]
      • A bloody supression by Academy City is inflicted upon the city, ending the tournament, and later, despite the combined efforts of Baggage City and GREMLIN, Science Guardian acquiesces to Academy City's demands.



  • Magic God Othinus Arc occurs.
    • A secret meeting between various heads of state and leaders is held in New York to find an answer to the GREMLIN problem.
    • GREMLIN invades Tokyo
      • Due to the ineffectual handling of the situation by the Japanese goverment, the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance and Academy City separately deal with GREMLIN on their own.
    • Othinus completes Gungnir and recreates the world. The world later passes by an unknown number of Phases before she later concedes the world to Touma and returns it back to normal.
    • A manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma is conducted by several different parties (including GREMLIN) in the aftermath of Othinus returning the world back to normal, and Touma deciding to protect her. None of the parties successfully eliminate either Othinus and Touma.
      • The leaders in the international coalition later give a speech to their constituents urging them not not given into the fear and hatred of Othinus. President Roberto Katze, in particular, broadcasts the footage of Touma's battle with Othinus in his attempts to stop her from killing herself during the speech.
    • Aleister Crowley visits a layer of the world where even Othinus' power couldn't reach and finds the Magic Gods stuck in there, then attacks them.
  • Mental Out Arc occurs.
    • Kihara Noukan completes the cleanup of those who become insubordinate to Aleister Crowley, now badly injured after his fight with the Magic Gods, during his long absence and returns full control of Academy City to him.


  • A note on dates: This timeline is written according to the dates presented in the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novels and the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga. Regarding the Level Upper arc, the order of events differs between the manga and the anime. Since the anime changes certain events (removing crossovers with the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novels entirely), the manga order takes priority. However, the manga still acknowledges the existence of the anime-exclusive Big Spider and Poltergeist arcs, so they have also been included here.

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