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Star of Bethlehem

The Star of Bethlehem.

The Star of Bethlehem (ベツレヘムの星?) was Fiamma of the Right's flying-fortress.


The fortress is 40km in radius, with the right side much larger than the others due to Fiamma of the Right being in control.[1] Due to it's size, to get between parts of the fortress there are railway tracks and carts carrying people in the fortress.

In case of emergencies, on the lowest level of the Star of Bethlehem, there are magical escape pods for the people inside it, which can fly out back to the ground.[2] The escape pods look like vehicles and/or telephone booths that are obviously modified in some way.


The fortress is kept afloat by magical propulsion systems as large as multiple factory buildings, spread out across the four corners of the fortress[2]. The star naturally sucks in all the parts it needs to construct itself and regenerates itself if damaged. It is made of all the holy items from churches and cathedrals around the planet.[3]

As Fiamma of the Right cannot cast normal magic, 200 magicians were borrowed from the Russian Orthodox Church and helped prepare for the construction of this fortress.


The fortress is a giant ceremonial ground, meant to restore the elemental balance which has been distorted.

The name of the fortress comes from the star that prophesised the birth of the Son of God - the rise of this fortress is meant to signal a new beginning on Earth.[3] Combined with Fiamma summoning Archangel Gabriel in the form of 'Misha Kruezhev', the sky was transformed into a spell that started a transformation of the planet by purging the world of humans and build 'God's Kingdom' on Earth[1] - giant golden arms of Telesma rose out of the ground in response to the signal in the sky that a change is at hand.


World War III ArcEdit

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Concept ArtEdit

Design evolutionEdit

An early draft of the Star of Bethlehem had it with a more solid and fixed appearance, though since Haimura realized that the structure is continually changing, he gave it a more destroyed and ruined look. Due to the vast scale of the structure, Haimura opted not to put too much detail on the design.