Smart Weapon as seen in the anime

A Smart Weapon (演算銃器 (スマートウェポン) Enzen Jūki (Sumāto Wepon)?, lit. "Calculation Small Arms") is a gun with some automatic functionality.


The Smart Weapon Komaba Ritoku had was one which used infrared rays to accurately measure the target’s composition, solidity, and distance. It could then mix the powder that would cause the most appropriate level of destruction, at which point the plastic would instantaneously harden to form the bullet. It could then shoot through a steel plate or it could leave the bullet in a piece of tofu.[1]


Skill-Out UprisingEdit

Main article: Skill-Out Uprising

Komaba Ritoku used a Smart Weapon during his battle with Accelerator. He stated that he was confident he could create almost any type of death while operating it on manual.[1]


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