"sister's noise" is the first opening theme for the second season of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, and single by fripSide that released on May 8, 2013.[1] It is also used as background music in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 24.


Promotional VideoEdit

The video for "sister's noise" adopted the concept of the Sisters, using them as background characters and as dancers who perform alongside the duo of fripSide. fripSide is featured in the video as they walk across an industrial complex, where they witness the sabotage of a certain laboratory where living beings who look closely alike were possibly made. Despite the attack, the facility manages to create two more clones, which look like middle-aged twins with a rotund build.

The promotional video was shot amidst cold weather conditions (one night's temperature was 3 degrees Celsius), requiring the cast members to wear jackets and thick clothing as soon as a scene is finished shooting. Both Yaginuma and Nanjo agreed that the dancers who performed as the Sisters contributed the most during the shooting.


The opening for Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S was written, composed and arranged by Satoshi Yaginuma and sung by Yoshino Nanjo under their band name fripSide.
The single release features the full version of the song.

  1. "sister's noise" - 1:30 (TV version)
  2. "I'm believing you"
  3. "sister's noise" -instrumental-
  4. "I'm believing you" -instrumental


Railgun s titlescreen

The titlecard from the opening

By appearance



Japanese (TV Version) English Translation (TV Version)
SISTER'S NOISE sagashitsuzukeru,
samayo'u kokoro no basho wo
(sorrow of your heart... i shoot it down...)
kasaneatta kono omoi wa
dare ni mo kowasenai kara...!
I'll keep searching for ‘sister’s noise’
as i wander the corners of my soul
(sorrow of your heart... i shoot it down...)
with hearts as one,
nobody can bring us down…!
kurikaesareteta shinjitsu wa tooku
kimi no sono itami kizukenai mama
miles away from reality i relived them again
and was unable see the pain you were in
ano hi takushita sono yume ga
watashi wo kirisaitemo
nani yori mo taisetsu na
kibou dake shinji tsuranuite
the dreams you left in my hands back then
might tear me apart
but your hopes & dreams are my everything!
i’ll believe in ‘em till the end
dare yori mo chikaku ni ita
sono koe wa kikoenakute
(sister's noise... I find it out...)
kizamitsuzukete ita toki no naka de
yatto kimi ni aeta kara
SISTER'S NOISE sagashitsuzukeru,
samayo'u kokoro no basho wo
(sorrow of your heart... I shoot it down...)
kanjiatta onaji egao
kanarazu mamotte miseru
a voice closer to me than any other
but i couldn’t hear it at all
(sister’s noise... i find it out...)
much time had passed
when you and i finally met face to face
i’ll keep searching for ‘sister’s noise’
as i wander the corners of my soul
(sorrow of your heart... i shoot it down...)
’cause the connection’s made, i will make sure
no one takes away the smile we share
mou dare ni mo kowasenai kara...! nobody will ever bring us down...!



  • Sister’s noise is probably short for Sisters' Radio Noise.
  • The opening video contains the most Level 5s in any opening video of the Toaru Majutsu no Index animated adaptations.


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