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Silvercross Alpha
Personal Info
Name (Kanji) シルバークロース=アルファ
Name (Romaji) Shirubākurōsu Arufa
Gender Male
Affiliation Freshmen (Former member)
Ability Name Powered Suits Collection

Novel Shinyaku Volume 01

Silvercross Alpha (シルバークロース=アルファ Shirubākurōsu Arufa?) is an antagonist in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 01 and is connected to the dark side of Academy City.


Originally Silvercross apparently had a graceful looking face, but had lost it due to an unknown punishment in past via burning. After doing various jobs for Academy City, he eventually regained his former face and has long hair.[1]


Not much is known what Silvercross was like before his punishment, only after his facial reconstruction did his views on his body become twisted. Silvercross felt no sense of aesthetics towards his own body, because of the disgrace he felt from his face being burned off. This is later proven when Hamazura Shiage saw what a part of his body looked like under the suit.

Silvercross noted that he himself needed to be pretty adaptable in order to properly make the most out of the suits; for example in order to fight in a 4-legged suit he needed the mindset of a 4-legged animal, in order to pilot an 8-legged suit he needed to become an 8-legged animal. [1] , he has been described as someone who used the right tool for the right job instead of someone who uses the same weapon for every fight; a characteristic which easily explains why he possesses so many power suits.


After doing various "jobs" for Academy City, he eventually becomes affliated with the organization known as "Freshmen." There he is a subordinate of Kuroyoru Umidori and becomes involved in the plan of eliminating the "Graduates:" Accelerator and Shiage.


Freshmen ArcEdit

Main article: Freshmen Arc

He is first introduced attacking Hattori Hanzou and Fremea Seivelun in an underground mall with a powered suit called, "Enemy Blaster." The first half of the plan was not actually eliminating Fremea, but draw in the "Graduates." [2]

Silvercross later transfers to a different suit in order to locate Fremea and then eventually kidnaps her when Accelerator shows up. Once again in a different suit, Silvercross attempts to lose his pursuers only caught up by Shiage and taken out.

Despite being near dead, Kuroyoru uses his corpse to automatically pilot the remaining powered suits.[3] This is explained by Silvercross Cyborg nature, as his enhancement allows him to influence his power suits operation regardless of how badly his body has been damaged [1], Hamazura noted that if Silvercross had received medical assistance after his initial defeat he would have survived, however since he was put into the battlefield even into that sorry state he practically had no chances of survival.[4]


Silvercross' skill lies in controlling and possessing many customized power suits. Due to his body being modified, he can "autopilot" other suits thanks to his brain being like a program and he can achieve so even in dead, he refers to his powersuit reserves as "my collection" and seems to be quite fond of it, even to the point of pointing out when someone uses or touches his collection without his permission.

Lists of known powersuitsEdit

While it is known that Silvercross has more than 10 powersuits at his disposal [5], only a few of them were revealed with a stated name and functions.


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