Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 21 is the 21st installment of the Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel series, that was released on October 10th 2018.[2]

Publisher's SummaryEdit

A battle to the death between goldens occurs in the Great Magical Country of United Kingdom! Mathers was alive, Aleister fell into a dilemma due to his enemy, however, beside him were Kamijou and Accelerator.

Science vs Magic, the conclusion after 100 years is here ...!

Full SummaryEdit

Aleister has returned to her nostalgic former home of London. There, the head of the world's largest magic cabal attacks!

Aleister has finally reached the cemetery of Westminster Abbey, the key to defeating Great Demon Coronzon. What she witnessed there was——

The head of the world’s largest magic cabal, 'Golden', Mathers. A man who should have been cut in half at the fated ground of Blythe Road, 100 years ago.

Mathers isn’t the only one. The powerful ‘Golden’ magicians that he was leading simultaneously bare their fangs at the head of science. Mathers cannot be defeated with a magician’s abilities. Aleister is at a loss for what to do but by making the land of science, the 100 years accumulated there was not a waste.

Kamijou Touma and Accelerator. The two who are the fruits of the accumulated efforts of the headquarters of science, Academy City, finally face off against the greatest and strongest Mathers——!

Chapter ListEdit

  • Prologue: Golden, Those Travels. True_Wizards
  • Chapter 1: Fury. Welcome_to_GD_Paradise
  • Chapter 2: That which Human Wisdom Wove. Grimoire_Nova
  • Chapter 3: Highway Lock-ON. Speed_Freaks
  • Chapter 4: Can't Become the Messiah. Battle_of_Scotland
  • Epilogue: Can You Accept This Kind of Ending? Go_For_Broke!!





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